Developer’s Drink box Studios announced January 6 to deliver action RPG Nobody Saves the World on January 18th. The compatible platform is PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S, Steam will be delivered domestically on January 19 by time difference. The price is $24.99, so it will be about 2900 yen. It is also provided for Subscription Service Xbox / PC Game PASS.

Nobody Saves The World - Official Gameplay Overview Trailer
The stage of Nobody Saves The World is the harsh world where the monster was released due to the evil. The protagonist is the appearance of the point and no characteristic no characteristic, but it has gained a variety of power by handing to wander of the wizard. He will get rid of evil and get out on an adventure to save the world. In addition, this work also corresponds to two cooperative plays in addition to solo.

The characteristics of this work are in morphological changes by the magic wand described above. The main character can be transformed into more than 15 characters such as rats, horses, human fish, knights, robots, bodybuilders, etc., and promotes the game using each ability. Characters and their capabilities can be acquired by completing the quest. The quest is a game like a game such as Clearing Dungeon and Enemy? It is said that.

In this work, a variety of environmental dungs appear by automatic generation, and the degree of difficulty changes according to the strength of the player. It will be to be transformed into an appropriate character to face many monsters and to go through the map. The character has different advantages and disadvantages. In addition, each character can earn more than 80 types of abilities, and customize equipment can be customized. Combining the ability to combine new actions seems to have a surprising high thermal power.

Nobody Saves The World is scheduled to be delivered January 18 for PC (Microsoft Store) / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. About Steam version Domestic distribution on January 19. It is also provided for Xbox / PC Game Pass.