Of course, the speech of Marvin Duck sch and Nicolas Fulls Füllmaschrug, the Studio, was involved in all Bremen hits at the 3-0 home win on Saturday afternoon against Fortuna Düsseldorf. The one (duck sch) as a scorer and duplicate assists, the other as double roast. This also caused the Social Media Department of Welder to set off a tweet only a few minutes after closing whistle, in which you put the free jersey flock of duckschrug up to Sunday. Only one did not want to participate in it.

Werner keeps it appropriate, to look at collectively

Trainer Ole Werner kept it, addressed to the once more shaping performance of the two Welder attackers, more preferably, to look at collectively. The whole team had been essential that they came to many opportunities again — which in turn enabled that Duck sch and Fuller could achieve their hits again in the end. The coach mentioned the coach as praising as the Bremen defensive division, which had not allowed the only compelling chance of the Fortuna (additionally weakened by the red card in the 58th minute). ERGO: Everyone has their share. Werner: In particular, the last row and Christian Great before that made a very good job.

As at least good job, the previous term of the trainer itself may continue to be called. With the fourth victory in a row and the first time for the fourth time, Werner continued his run, the goal ratio of 14: 3 also reflects the Bremen dominance in these games since his takeover, the Bundesliga relegation at least overnight in the table has promoted the relegation site. The 33-year-old was better at Welder a coach icon Thomas Scarf in May 1999 (on three victories to start followed a defeat). However, it is still something to the brand of Otto Raphael (eight victories in series).

Football shows My ideas very close

More important than that comparisons is Werner ( personal records of me less ) but the fact that the football, the Welder has shown so far under his direction, my ideas is very close. His approach to use the strengths of the players in the best possible way is currently entirely goes up. And then it is often an expression of the quality we have on the place, Werner justifies — to explicitly emphasize: Not only in the forefront. Not only in person of Duck sch and Fuller.