Player unknown’s Battlegrounds was recently playable for free and renamed in PUBG: Battlegrounds, but the new tutorial of the game has made many players helplessly. The introductory training mode sends the players to a shooting range and challenges them to shoot them on the goals in the ADS mode, but the game explains very bad what that means. The goals on the visor as in any other shooter does not work, and that’s because PUBG with rifle scopes is slightly different. To enter the ADS mode in PUBG and move in the shooting range in the training mode.

How to call the ADS mode in PUBG

In PUBG, the ADS mode is actually looking from the ego perspective through the rifle scope of your weapon. It is not enough to keep the right mouse button or the left trigger pressed. To switch to the Ads’ mode on the PC, tap right-click. To call the ADS mode to PS4 or Xbox, tap the left trigger. Do not hold down the destination key. If you hold the right mouse button or the left shutter button, your character does not change to the ADS mode and instead aims from the third-person perspective.

If you made it right, switch to the ego perspective and look through the rifle scope or the iron visor of your weapon. If you do not enter the ADS mode by simply tapping the destination key, try it twice. Remember that PUBG deals with the goals and the ADS mode as separate things, so you have to look in the ego perspective in the visor of your weapon to count your shots in the tutorial.

How to change the ADS controls

If you find a bit cumbersome the default destination / ADS control scheme, you can change it in the game settings. On the PC, you only need to edit your keyboard shortcuts and change AIM and ADS into separate controls. On PS4 and Xbox you can go to the setting menu and change the controller key preset to Type B.

As a result, AIM and ADS are placed on separate buttons. In particular, Type B sets the third-person AIM to L1 / LB and the first-person ADS on L2 / LT, but you can select a different setting if you want another control layout.

PUBG: Battlefields is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.