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Best Equipment Wall and Class in Call Of Duty: Warzone

While other Vanguard gun guns proved their viability in Call of Duty: Warzone, Sten has not yet done so. The gun has excellent mobility and handling, but other, faster machine gun guns are available. If you want to experience weapons on yourself, follow this manual for the best Sten fixtures and setting up classes in Warzone Pacific.

Best combat wall outfit zone

  • Morda: Rotiment Amplifier
  • Barrel: CA 65 mm Rapid
  • Optical: SA 32C
  • Snap: Gwain Couple
  • Advanced: Mark VI Skeleton
  • Magazine: 9 mm 50 round drums
  • Ammunition type: fragile
  • Rear handle: Ribbed grip
  • Level: Acrobatic
  • Set: Quickly

Warzone AUTOMATON is the *NEW* META - Best Loadout & Class Setup (Warzone Best Guns)

With the help of these nozzles, we tried to add to the previously existing steven movement, aiming (ADS) and sprint speed to fire. In addition, the SA RAPID barrel increases the rate of fire, which in turn helps to reduce the time before the lesion (TTK) of the gun. Most players this assembly will not seem complex, but if you need it, feel free to use Hockenson S33S with lining reserve instead.

Best Sten Hipfire Equipment

  • Morda: Rotiment Amplifier
  • Barrel: Hockenson 174 mm B11s
  • Optical: shale reflector
  • Snap: Ca 41c
  • Advanced: Carver Tsevier
  • Magazine: 9 mm 50 round drums
  • Ammunition type: fragile
  • Rear handle: pine resin stick
  • Level: Excessively enthusiastic
  • Set: Quickly

This assembly of the wall is great for melee and is best suited for players who love to shoot from hips. The trunk, the lodge, the bait and the rear handle together help reduce the spread of fire from the hip. In addition, Gung-Ho Perk gives SMG zero running time, which allows the bullets instantly to fly out of the gun.

Best Wall Class Battle Zone

  • Basic Weapon – Bar / Grau 5.56 / STG44
  • Additional weapons – walls
    • Mortal ** – throwing knife
  • Tactical – Steam
  • Perk 1 – Cool
  • Perk 2 – Overkill / High Alarm
  • Perk 3 – Battle Scout

Stay with us in professional players on games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, look at our article about best equipment and FFAR 1 class 1 in Call of Duty: Warz1.

“Peace for the world”: UFL with anti-war

Neither EA Sports nor Konami have so far expressed itself about the social media channels to the war in Ukraine. Anders Strikerz Inc.: The UFL developer warned Via Twitter and Instagram: “We have to stop all possible companies to stop the war.”

“We should be together for the principles of a modern and free world,” said Strikerz Inc., “A war in Europe in the 21st century is a huge disaster that will critically affect European life for years.” However, the UFL makers do not show a clear edge, the statement is well kept.

Criticism at the statement

Strikerz Inc. calls for “Peace for Ukrainians, Russians and Belaruses and Peace for the World”. An invitation to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, to cancel the war on one-sided war – as she was to read in some Bundesliga stadiums on the weekend – avoids the video game company. This already caused criticism in social networks.

“A nice message, but war is bad in every part of the earth,” says User ‘Mo / Fifa Talks’ to the European-centered formulation. ‘Kosalii Olatkin’ writes: “There is peace in Belarus and Russia, but these two countries fall in Ukraine.”

Influence on the UFL release?

However, the vast majority of the comments deals with the geographical situation of the developer and its employees. The developer is represented with studios in Belarus, Ukraine, Cyprus and Lithuania. The headquarters in turn is in Minsk.

The fans hope that Strikerz Inc. could continue to work on UFL and all employees are safe. The release, which was still announced for 2022, could of course shift.

Onslaught - Killing Peace
User ‘Simone’ brings the prioritization to the point: “Your safety comes first, no matter when the game appears.” In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, UFL also has the Ukrainian Oleksandr Zinchenko of Manchester City as official ambassador, and a cooperation with the Ukrainian Top Association of Schachtar Donetsk exists.

BVB apparently in advanced conversations with ex-Barca

His lale at the FC Barcelona had to finish the offensive man prematurely in January. Does Yusuf Demir now move to Borussia Dortmund in summer?

Borussia Dortmund is apparently in advanced talks with attacker Yusuf Demir of Rapid Vienna. This reports the American TV channel espn and refers to sources from Barcelona.

Only last summer, the 18-year-old loan to Barca, the Catalans even secured a purchase option of ten million euros. Demir could not prevail with the Bluegranana and ended the lending prematurely after six short actions in Laliga.

Now the Austrian is back to his training association, but could move in the summer towards Dortmund. The Westphalia should have already thrown an eye on Demir for a long time.

Articles and videos about the topic
* Gazprom: Watzke thinks about help for Schalke
* The Bundesliga Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on Dazn – Register now!

Already as a 16-year-old, Demir at Rapid made the jump to the professionals and since then has come to six goals in 33 professional missions. In March of last year, he also made his debut for the Austrian national team. In Vienna, the wing player is still under contract until 2024.

BVB: Will it be tight for Marco Rose?

Away quickly. The Dortmund Football-Truck around the currently not enough coach Marco Rose had after the 1-1 (1: 0) in the relegation threatened FC Augsburg in the evening in a hurry.

The plane in the home was waiting at the end of a frustrating week. “We are disappointed about the result,” said Rose, who did not bring the two lost points in the Football Bundesliga in connection with the farther FC Bayern Munich.

At high voltage in the national title fight they hardly believed in the internationally crashed Borussia anyway. The wonderful solo number from Thorgan Hazard to 1: 0 did not submit spectators before 15,330.

Aluminum pitch of Donyell paint

After the aluminum pitch of Donyell painting in the best BVB phase after the break, the forces swand, the FCA fell on and coach Markus Weinzierl changed the balance with fresh forces from the bank. Joker Noah Sarenren Bazee headed the compensation in the 78th minute after disorder in BVB defense.

“We’ve been amazing for the goalie,” groaned national player Julian Brandt. Rose hounded that “the punch” was missing for the preliminary goal to 2: 0. In view of the thin personnel ceiling and the considerable power wear at the Europa League for only three days earlier in Glasgow, however, he practiced leniency with his fuselage: “The team has reinned a lot of energy.”

Will it be tight for BVB trainer Rose?

The 45-year-old Rose just does not collect arguments for himself. The questions about the games are unpleasant. In the Augsburg Arena, he reached him whether it could be tight for him at some point in the job and if he still feel the backing of the BVB bosses. “If I answer the question, I give birth to material again,” Rose replied.

He can not feel good. “Today, a few fans have called ‘rose out’. This is not a pleasant situation for a football coach. But I can decently assess the situation. We are all very, very disappointed about our performance in every trophy competition. In the Bundesliga are We second, “said Rose.

“If we had reached somewhere – Champions League, DFB Cup or in the Europa League – the next round, we may talk about other things,” Rose said.

Of course, he knows that he must also deliver arguments in our own thing: “I work with the boys. And we are now trying to get the maximum out of the season.”

Important point for the FC Augsburg

Augsburg’s maximum is the class blast. “The point was enormous important,” said scorer Saren’s Bazee. Before the guest match in the direct competitor Arminia Bielefeld, the relegation place was left.

“The point is good in the table,” said coach Markus Weinzierl: “We worked well, the performance was okay. So we can continue.” Best right in Bielefeld.

Update Roblox Islands Ducks – Summary of Note to Patch

Want to add a new addition to your island farm? What a score! As of February 19, 2022, ISLANDS Ducks update is available and brought new recipes, correcting errors and even a charming friend of the animal. To find out about everything that has changed in the game, check out the brief list below!

Notes to Patch

  • Duck details:
    • Ducks arrived on the islands!

* Buy eggs spawn ducks at the waist.
* Ducks give an increase to speed when driving riding
* Added duck eggs that can be sold the waist.
* Added 4 new food recipes using duck eggs.
* Details of the auction:

* Auctions pass every weekend and on Wednesdays
* Added 5 new statues
* Added polished, carved and tiled blocks for aquamarine, marble, stone and slate (created from polishing and kamnesis)
  • Other changes:
    • Removed Event of Yuzu and Lunar New Year.
    • Price of selling wheat reduced to (9 → 7)
    • Enhanced the price of selling radish to (64 → 70)
    • Reduced Speed ​​Effect for Chile Pepper (50% – 25%)
    • Reduced object lag
    • Adjusted lighting settings on the island.
    • Fixed animation animation animation.
    • Other error corrections
  • _ Soon the Pineapple Season! _


That’s all we know about the latest update of the “Islands”! We plan to publish a leadership in which it tells how to get duck eggs, so watch him if you are interested!

Looking for more content about the islands? Check out our recent guidelines on how to bet on art on Robloks Islands or how to get electrics on Robloks Islands!

KOG, PC New Return Allow CBT

KOG (Cog) said new PC online game ‘Return Allow’ starts a private test (CBT) today (23 days) today.

Grand chase All 4th bar skills
Tests are held for 10 days from today (23 days) and March 4, and steam can be played every day from 6 pm to midnight every day. Test participation can be on a steam store page.

‘Return Albound’ is a survival top down shooting game that first introduced in KOG, which developed ‘Grand Chase’ and ‘El Sord’. PVP and PVE are concurrently generated, and we must compete with other users to acquire items in a wide open-world, which is a wide open-world, which is a wide range of entry / escape in real time. In addition, you can fulfill the fact that you have created an attractive weapon with the acquired goods and items, or grow the mercenaries to demonstrate your ability in various modes.

The Return Alive Development Team said, “We plan to create highly completed content and systems based on the feedback of test users,” said the CBT participants ask for a generous feedback. “

Detailed information of ‘Return Allow’ can be found on the steam page.

Champions League Octagonal Finals, FC Chelsea

Thanks to National Kai Hanctz, title chests FC Chelsea and his German team manager Thomas Tuchel in the Champions League have made the first step towards quarterfinals.

In the eighth final first leg against the French master Osc Lille, the English club world champion won through a gate of the ex-Leverkusener (8.) and another goal of the former Dortmunders Christian Pulisic (63.) with 2: 0 (1: 0). The blues for the second leg on 16 March (Wednesday) gave themselves a promising starting position.

“With Away Control it would be even better, then we would have a really good upholstery. So it stays open because it is very difficult to play in Lille,” said Tuchel at amazon. “It is a very emotional audience and the role will reinforce itself again that Lille can play as outsiders and nothing to lose, but has everything to win. That’s why we have to deliver again.”

Overall, he saw his team as a “deserved winner”. “We have not admitted almost nothing,” Tuchel added. “Then it’s a bit up to DOWN for us. Let’s have very good phases and then very light ball losses, but we never lost order and defended sharply. That was at the end of the keys.”

From the German national team trio the host was next to Hvertz also defender Antonio Rüdiger in the starting element. Striker Timo Werner, on the other hand, had to take place as well as “Gorgekind” Romelu Lukaku on the bench.

TribuneGast Flick sees Hvertz’s hits

Chelsea vs Lille 2−0 - Extеndеd Hіghlіghts & All Gоals 2022
With Hvertz in Lukakus role as a central tip, Chelsea tried at the domestic Stamford Bridge early around clear conditions. The leadership through a Hanctz header after a corner of Hakim Ziyech was already the third better goalkeeping of the native Aachener. Hanctz thus scored his second goal in the current Champions League season – and that before the eyes of national coach Hansi Flick.

“The contact is always there, you always exchanges,” Hvertz said about the tribune guest. “We knew that the coaches are today in the stadium. Of course you are pleased to prove themselves. Even though I know that they also track the players on television.”

In the second game after winning the World Cup title, the seats with the lead in the back was long for the game control. The guests, on the other hand,, in the preliminary round of one of the stumbling blocks for Bundesligaist VfL Wolfsburg, acted towards the front and sought after compensation. But the French did not create a really serious opportunity against Chelseas’s compact defensive.

Lille in front of the gate too harmless

After the side change, the same picture was first offered. The French ran, but did not embarrass Tuchels team embarrassment. In the middle of Lilles’s smartest phase, after a previous relief concept by Hanctz, the decision to Chelseas favor: N’Golo edge laid after a fine pass from Thiago Silva in one’s own half and a run to the penalty area of ​​the guests for Pulisic, and the US National player completed safely.

Lille also fought for the important counterpart afterwards. But with increasing playing time, the OSC actions against the sovereign British, where Werner came into play for the past ten minutes, were also lost more and more precision and purposefulness.

The only run for Chelsea: Shortly after halftime, Tuchel was forced to switch to two. Kovacic (51.) and Ziyech (59.) had to leave the place early on due to injuries. “I have not talked to the doctor about Hakim, I hope it’s nothing serious,” said Tuchel about Ziyech’s replacement at BT Sport. “Mateo would have been to replace at halftime, then I could have made a change more. I hope you are fit on Sunday.”

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FC Chelsea – OSC Lille: The stations

  • Chelsea : Mendy – Christensen, Silva, Rüdiger – Azpilicueta, Edge, Kovacic (51. Loftus-Cheek), Alonso (80th Sarr) – Ziyech (60th Niguez), Hvertz, Pulisic (80th Werner)
  • Lille : Jardim – Celik, Fonte, Botman, Djalo (76th Gudmundssson) – Onana (65th Yilmaz), Xeka, Andre – Sanches (81st Ben Arfa), David (81. Zhegrova), Bamba

BVB wants “the shit disappear” in the Europa League

Borussia Dortmund continues to sit at the front in the football roller coaster. The curious core victory against Borussia Mönchengladbach also makes hope for the Europa League.

From the wildest carousel of German football, Allen’s head for all at Borussia Dortmund. “None of us wants this roller coaster trip,” said Julian Brandt after the Kuriosen 6: 0 (2: 0) race victory against Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Only Blamabel, then Furios – What follows in the BVB result roulette now probably in the Europa League second leg at the Glasgow Rangers? “We try to spoon the shit on Thursday.”

But the Dortmund know their whims now. The outstanding Marco Reus, for example, went on Thursday on the 2: 4 against the Rangers lifeless with under, this time he scored completely soaked and slashed two goals themselves and prepared three more. The BVB remains a single puzzle and all observers.

“We had to show a reaction again – and we did that again,” Reus said. However, BVB also regularly brings itself to the stupid situation to show such a reaction.

BVB wants to accept the final against the rangers

The big names are here to play in the Europa League

“If you play in a noise, everything is always simple,” Reus reported, “We’ve heard our self-confidence.” In addition, the hope of the return of Erling Haaland rises, which made the complete unit on Monday.

In fact, the Dortmund finally fought successfully against all resistors. Bricking wind, a wall of rain, two early injuries and three huge chances of the opponent did not make the Borussia off the way.

Trainer Marco Rose praised this and invented for the club-internally enormously important assessed Thursday immediately the “reaction to the reaction”: now not to be released, but to accept the “final”, must be the goal.

Anders: “We should occur in every game exactly,” Reus demanded. Although it would be exactly something difficult. Without the gloss parades of Gregor Kobel in one-counter-one and the luck with a slatted hit of Jonas Hofmann could have collected the BVB loose four goals – as against Glasgow, flat.

It was already 3: 0 when the Gladbacher were still equivalent. Better would be, according to Reus, “if we always play our class”.

Hummels-Schelte shows effect – luck for Reyna

It seemed at BVB that defensive chief Mats Hummels has triggered a small earthquake in the cabin with ranging words (“nonsensical, illogical football”).

“Mats has a very explicit word finding,” Julian Brandt said carefully, and Rose contributed the realization that not always all good friend must be with each other.

A small Dortmund drama dissolved on Monday afternoon in general relief. Gio Reyna had left the place among tears – he was “pretty finished,” Rose said.

However, the US boy will not train only for 14 days, it is significantly less seriously injured than feared. Inside-back Dan-Axel Zagadou, on the other hand, it is the other way around: He falls out with a muscle fabric in the thigh “for a few weeks”.

KickStarter History top recording! 441 titles achieved funding in 2021

Online Game Consultant ICO Partners reported that a video game of 441 titles at KickStarter achieved a target support for 2021.

KickStarter is a Cloud Funding Site online. The site has recruited support money for achieving the goal, and there are many things related to video games. In particular, in addition to the new work of “Shovelnight” development, which has recently collected more than 100 million yen, Japan Mythology Metro Devania works that achieved a target amount with a sufficient number of two days have become a topic.

According to reports, 441 titles were successful in developing financing in fiscal 2021, and the amount is $ 24 million (approximately 2.7 billion yen). Updating the maximum number of financing titles is 429 consecutive years and two consecutive years consecutive years. However, compared with the support amount, it is less than half of the $ 56 million (approximately ¥ 6.4 billion) of 2013, which achieved the highest amount, and the number of achieved titles is much less than 237 dollars (approximately You can see that you are below ¥ 3.6 billion).

In addition, comparison with the number of non-target amounts achieved projects is also available for reporting in fiscal 2020. It can be confirmed that the difference between the year and non-achievement project and the achievement project is shrinking, and it may be said that the change in the amount of money is also rising.

Webzen Muark Angel, the strip of two camps! Roastland update

Webzen updates the MMORPG ‘Mu Arc Angel’ associated server content ‘Roastland’.

Webmer has the update check time of ‘Mu Arc Angel’ from 12:40 on the 22nd, and adds a distance to the “Full Ruins”, ‘Maayang, “, including the new content’ Roastland ‘.

‘Roastland’ is a federated server event that the server participates in the last server. Here, it is divided into two programs such as ‘order’ and ‘chaos’, and each camp is composed of up to three servers. In addition, the effect of existing equipment held by the character is not applied, and only the ‘Maya equipment’, which is a dedicated equipment, is a normal effect.

If you enter the field in the field in Rosland, you can get a monster, collect a specific item, and you can acquire a compensation such as ‘Marian Crystal’ and ‘Maya Equipment’. The field is present in the field, the safety zone and the neutral area of ​​each camp exist, and in the neutral region, the user can be combat with the user of the competition.

One of the contents of Rostrland’s contents, ‘full-time ruins’ are PVE content that the camp, which gave more damage to Boss ‘Kunun’. In Kunun treatment, the PVE reduction effect is applied to all camps, and the victory camp is the opposite effect of ignoring such penalty.

Webzen also shows ‘Maya Battle’, which replaces the existing siege. After the flagship occupation in the ‘천 천 battlefield’ in Rostrland, after the flagship occupation, the progress of the flag and the siege point will win.

In addition, we will release content such as ‘Maya Inquiries’ and “Maya Equipment, and” Maya Equipment, and the “Maya Equipment”, which are a Roastland dedicated equipment.

Meanwhile, Webzen operates an event in the official community commemorates new updates. You can accept the quiz of the quiz on new content, or you can get a game item by capturing the game screen that entered Roastland.

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