After a total of five years of Bayern, Niklas Slee will move on to Borussia Dortmund in summer. Jürgen Kohler can understand the situation of the central defender, the World Champion of 1990 in his active career also played for the Munich and for the BVB. The 56-year-old does not only look positive the Slee change.

“Kohlering, I find the change questionable. That’s a step back for me. He changes from the first club in Germany to the second,” Kohler said in conversation with “Kohler1”. At BVB, Slee should take a leadership role in the coming years. However, Kohler is not sure if this plan will really rise.

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“You can tell everything, tell and want it: In the end, only the performance counts. That he can be a leadership, he must first prove,” says the former defender: “I’m very curious, whether and how he will perform this role from summer. It will happen on it that he goes away at the front – too, if it’s not so good for the BVB. I do not know if he is strong enough for it. “

“He deserves the BVB soon more”

Overall, Kohler holds the release-free commitment Süles for a “good transfer”, although he sees a “certain risk”. “He already had two heavy knee injuries. Niklas is not a world-class defender in my eyes, much, especially the constancy of several years. But if he stays healthy and stable, he certainly belongs to the European peak, but belongs Also there I do not see him at the top, “the ex-national player justified his opinion.

Kohler rates the deal positively for Süle. “Niklas Süle wants an air change because he does not feel valued at the Bayern. The overall package at BVB is recognizable to him personally and also humanly,” said the 56-year-old and added: “He deserves the BVB soon more, as currently at the Bavarians. Added to this is probably the hand money, which you have to count on his salary again. So that’s good for him economically. “

Kohler knows both the BVB and FC Bayern. Between 1989 and 1991, the former defender in Munich played before moving from 1995 to 2002 for Borussia. With the BVB Kohler won the Champions League in 1997 and is still considered to date as Dortmunder club legend.