Luxury dying 2 is configured to receive a lot of changes, updates, error corrections, etc. This week, Techland has revealed. As the company describes, the PC version of Steam and Epic Games Store should definitely receive a new review at least this week to solve, among other things, several errors that block the game, while the Versions of PlayStation and Xbox will have Reviews Presented but not necessarily out. That said, it is clear that Techland is working hard to solve a series of problems with the title recently launched.

In addition to correcting all the “various errors that block the game”, the PC list also includes resolutions for “several situations that could cause infinite black screens” and DLSS improvements. The team is still working on things like “several blocks of stories” and is also adding saved backup copies. The list of corrections ready to implement for the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the videogame is much more solid and focuses mainly on eliminating as much errors as possible. That includes, but is not limited to, to solve “problems with the stability of the connection”, as well as errors that block the game and visual adjustments and performance optimizations and… honestly, the list continues.


You can check the full list of what is dying 2_ is configured to get to your many platforms, as well as what Techland is still working, below:

Despite the obvious technical problems, the itself review of of moribunda 2_ finally came out quite positive. «Luxury dying 2 has a slow start, and some can even see it as a hard work, but if you hold it a little more, you will discover a trip full of tension through the zombie apocalypse that rewards players who are intrepid and jump to the adventure. DANGER », says our review partly. “Soon you will be sliding, jumping and sliding around the world and cutting the most deadly infected with precision and absolute brutality.”

As indicated above, it seems that the new updates of the moribund 2_ detailed by Techland should be published this week. In general, Luxury dying 2 is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox SERIES S, XBOX ONE and PC. A version for Nintendo Switch will also be launched at some point. You can check all our previous coverage of the moribund 2_ right here.

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