NCsoft (Representative Kim Taek-jin, “Lineage W”, “Lineage W” will update content and proceed with various events.

Lineage W was updated a new World Boss ‘Sandworm’. Users can apply to the cliffs of Sandworms daily daily and can assume sandworms. Only more than 50 levels can be entered. When you take a compensation for the integer of the sandworm, the hero grade skillbook, the rare weapon fabrication, the compensation.

The 100-day commemorative event will run until February 23. The NC (NC) presents a variety of compensation, such as advanced transformation card (event), advanced magic card (event), growth potion, which holds a character with a character over 20 levels through push.

Users can participate in the ‘100 Day Memorial Attendance Check’ event until March 2. The NC (NC) provides a rare weapon fabricity (stamp) according to the number of attendance days.

The battle to defeat the boss! Who will come out on top? [Lineage W Weekly News]

During the event period, the emergence period of Boss Monsters is faster. If you register in the collection after purchasing the ‘W’s Certificate’ from the store, you will benefit from experience, HP, and weight bonus.

More information can be found on Lineage and Official Website.