Sifu , now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC, is a somewhat complicated game. You do not just have to keep an eye on your health, your age and death counter, but you must also keep your mind Structure.

Structure is in some way their balance. You have to have an eye on how many hits you plug in while blocking how hard you are hit and more so as not to be overwhelmed by your enemies. While you continue to work away from your enemy’s health and structural beams, you may notice that you write red numbers, and another hit will make you dazed.

If you follow this helpful guide, you can learn how to keep your structure in good condition and how to get it quickly when you stay in an unforgive situation.

SIFU | Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Tips & Tricks

Center your chi

The fight in Sifu is fast, liquid and sometimes unemilar. You may find yourself a new kind of enemies that you have not experienced before, and you do not know that your attack patterns can change. You can hold down the default block key (L1 on PS5, PS4) to absorb some hits and learn your attacks. However, you will notice a new bar at the bottom of your screen that fills yourself quite fast.

This is your ** textured bar, which works almost like a kind of shield. You can plug some hits without affecting your health so you have the opportunity to learn what types of attacks will throw your enemy in your direction. After about 4 to 6 hits, however, you will find that your structural strip is in the red area, and another hit will put it into a dizziness that makes you completely open and prone to enemy attacks.

The fastest and easiest way to reduce your structural beam to zero is to avoid the attacks of your opponent. By rectifying your powerful high and low attacks correctly, take a rather large part of your structure display down so you can absorb a few more hits. If you are not satisfied with the idea of ​​how to properly avoid, it is a great thing to bring some distance between yourself and your enemies by hurrying ** button (R2 on PS5, PS4) You can quickly race away and have some time to breathe. This can be more effective at a 1-counter-1 fight because they may still have enemies that they pursue in groups.

After bringing your structure down, it’s a great idea to fall into the fight again, and now that you feel more comfortable, you start to eliminate your enemies with tactical precision. Further helpful tips, eg. For example, to disarm an opponent or to reduce your death counter, you will find in our helpful Sifu section.

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