Tom Holland It certainly has a reputation for getting into trouble during Marvel movies. The British actor has previously spoiled some as many productions of the MCU, so their producers have definitely had to be monitored very closely to make sure it is not going to show or say anything that does not owe, and with spider-man: * * NO WAY HOME ** This was not the exception.

You will remember that in multiple interviews, Holland I described this new film as something “emotional” that would cause quite heartbreaking emotions between the fans. Well, Sony and Marvel did not seem like this was a good idea, so they ended up scolding him. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Holland declared the following:


“I received a phone call from some people in the study saying: ‘Stop saying that the movie is brutal! Stop saying that the movie is emotional! Do not sell the movie! ‘

I was like: ‘But it is! This is the most emotional superhero film that has ever been d1. ‘ And they said: ‘We want people to understand how fun it is.’ And I said: ‘It’s fun, but it’s also a bit heartbreaking’. So I had to change course on how the movie was promoting, but I’m glad I have been warned at least some people. “

At the end of account, the statements of Holland did not really matter too much since no way home has become one of Marvel’s pliest films, and just here at Mexico , it is already considered as the pliest in history.

Editor’s note: It seems that no matter what he does or say, Holland always finds how to get into trouble with the productions of him. In fact, during some interviews for No Way Home, Benedict Cumberbatch intervened a couple of times to prevent the actor from saying something forbidden.