Weekend Limited Emotional Planning Game * Spark Daisuke, the examination result announcement of the fifth nine-eighteen 18th. This subject was “ Supervisory schools that are common to elementary schools like super Mario “, but thank you for the many responses. As a result of the answer received from you by everyone’s evaluation and person in charge, the following answer was chosen as the Best Answer.

__ French bread

It is popular to drop Dosch instead of blackboard eraser

I will die!

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Even elementary schools have classes up to 8-4

8-4 seems to be the Bancho

__ Spa-kun’s friend

“No Yoshi Yoshi came in in the classroom!”

And on the basket…

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Lunch for great grown is mushroom dishes only

Sometimes I get a mushroom mushroom

__ Spa-kun’s friend

One year and two pupils will be almost all of the following years and 4 years

Because it is a flying class in the trick, it is weak to 99 and kanji

__ Spa-kun’s friend

It is necessary to jump to the school flag before entering the school building

It’s hard to worry about one…

__ Spa-kun’s friend

At the athletic meet, team division is made in a red hat and a green hat

The green team is called “L” (Loser) in the shadow

__ Spa-kun’s friend

There is a risk of fire and there is no flower bed because it is dangerous

There is a fi-flower planting guy

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Variations of profession experience are too rich.
Starting with various sports players, pharmacists, dismantling contractors, sewage cleaning etc…

Any of the principal has experienced.

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Losing the remaining machine when it is delayed in class

Dying late

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Fireworks go out when going to school sos

Complaints from nearby residents…

__ Pak Scarana

Moving classroom is tank and battleship

Forced scroll

__ Spa-kun’s friend

The one that became 1-3 classes jumps into the music class and jump

Seyded (in tornado)

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Something face is square as you look back to the picture of the successive principal teacher

The higher the resolution, the lower the resolution

__ Spa-kun’s friend

If the lunch time remains 100 seconds, the school broadcast will be 2x speed


__ Spa-kun’s friend

Dostn crush when running the corridor

Horizontal Dostn

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Jump into the picture drawn in art

Fuffer Fuffer Fan ♪

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Even if you go to the health room with any symptom, you can only capture capsules

It seems to be thrown into a poppy mouth

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Why is there for some reason to crossover

If you don’t drop the hallway when there is something…

__ Spa-kun’s friend

There is a student who brings a huge mushroom to height measurement

It’s too big

__ Spa-kun’s friend

In the past, Nagatani gardens have been sponsored.

At that time there was a lyrics in the school song

__ Spa-kun’s friend

A rhythm is already flying in the staff room to some extent

A rhythm like blowing a fire

__ Spa-kun’s friend

When I was in elementary school, Takada-kun is raising the national flag with the momentum jumped from the second floor,
Mario is not a fool! I remembered that I was preached

I’m just looking forward to it!

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