In the summer of 2020, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund agreed on a two-year loan business around the Brazilian talent Reinier. The 20-year-old should take a similar development at BVB as Achraf Hakimi before. A hope that has long been smashing.

In over one and a half years at the BVB, Reinier played just 30 competitive games. Only once was the offensive players the full 90 minutes on the lawn, rarely he gathered in his missions more than half an hour playing time. No wonder that a premature termination of the lending stood several times in the room. But it will not come to that.

This Is Why Real Madrid Signed Reinier Jesus

According to “as”, it is decided thing that Reinier will return to Real Madrid at the end of the season. Even the lending to another club is not for debate despite the “Fiaskos” at BVB, it says.

Although real, of course, is not satisfied that his jewel in Dortmund finds hardly consideration, one obviously does not want to exert pressure to endanger the good relationship with BVB – even in the face of probably upcoming negotiations around Dortmund’s Superstar Erling Haaland.

Real Madrid continues to believe in Talent Reinier

However, the next step around Reinier will examine the royal as a result of poor experiences up to the last millimeter. After all, Real moved in January 2020 whopping 30 million euros to flamengo for the services of the Junior National Player.

So that this investment does not turn out completely as an error, “as” should be found in the summer a new rental club. The main focus is on the fact that Reinier will guarantee playing time.

In principle, however, in Madrid you should continue to believe that Reinier creates the breakthrough. While the royal people often agreed lending shops in other talents, in which the receiving club as an incentive for a development of the player issues part of the percentage of the actor, this is completely excluded in the case of Reinier.

The right foot is still under contract in the Spanish capital until the summer of 2026.