As the treatment between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard continues to unfold, we continue receiving new information related to the future of call of duty . Apparently, the next three games of the franchise will still come to consoles of PLAYSTATION , however, it seems that they could also be exclusive to PS5 and Xbox series X | S.

According to Tom Henderson , a reliable leaker that has previously been very cleared with the leaks of it, the successor of Warzone , as well as the delivery of CALL OF DUTY for 2023, already They will not arrive at PS4 or Xbox One . Supposedly, the pandemic has a lot to do with this decision.

Xbox Fanboys MELTDOWN! Call Of Duty Staying On PS5! MORE Activision Blizzard Games Coming!

This would mean that the delivery of this year, which will apparently be a sequel for the reboot of Modern Warfare, would be the last cod we would see in xbox one and ps4 . At the moment this is only a rumor and things could well change in a future, but I repeat, Henderson usually usually be very circuitous with the information of it.

Editor’s Note: I would definitely make sense that by 2023, Activision has already set aside the past generation of consoles. Regardless of the pandemic, the Call of Duty Games usually receive three years of support on speech consoles, but we will see how this situation evolves.