Football record champion FC Bayern conceded a barbe 2: 4-leg on Saturday at promoted VfL Bochum. Schalke icon Olaf Thon, even actively active in Munich, then practiced harsh criticism on the game of the leaflet.

Such a game of game in the stadium at the Castroper Straße probably expected only the least Bundesliga fans: FC Bayern went in Bochum early thanks to Robert Lewandowski (9th) in the lead, but then the households beat four times before the break: Christopher Antwi-Adjei (14th), Jürgen Locadia (38.), Cristian Gamboa (40th) and the outstanding Gerrit Holtmann (44.) put the game on the head. Lewandowskis 26. Saisontor (75.) was only a result cosmetics.

Normally, Olaf Thon in his “kicker” column, you can never be sure “even at a 4: 1 pause guide” against FC Bayern “. The comeback qualities of the Munich are finally well known. But this time Thon had “after the 4: 1 no second more on a victory of VfL Bochum doubt”.

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Bayern head coach Julian Nagelsmann tried to influence the game. However, the Bochums were excellently adjusted by Thomas Reich.

Olaf Thon: FC Bayern works on Haaland Transfer

Thons clear criticism: “I found the game guide of Munich simply stupid – especially because they have given the fast Bochumn just on the outer railways far too much room.”

Nevertheless, the defeat would not change the fact that FC Bayern is at the top of the season in the table at the top, the 55-year-old – despite the Dortmunder victory against Union Berlin (3: 0), by the distance to six Dots was shortened.

Meanwhile, the 1990 World Champion was convinced that FC Bayern works in the background at a commitment of BVB superstar Erling Haaland. The Munich would “just turn myself intensively on the Erling Haaland bike,” said Olaf Thon. The Norwegian is traded at almost all European top clubs, the BVB wants to convince the 21-year-old, however, from a whereabouts.