We all want our favorite games perfect – especially when we spend hundreds of hours every year to play them. While this desire is largely a desire – and one to which we can rarely react as a player – there are a few out there, which do everything they do to get the mistakes in games. And the Russian RedDitor, Astiberon “is one of these players.

In recent months, Astiberon Dota 2 meticulously combined and viewed each individual character, object, skin and relic he can get into his fingers. After a brief inspection, it creates a report in which all false descriptions, missing particles and faulty animations are listed. Why? Because he wants to help Valve at the upcoming Dota-2 patch.

“Why do I do this? I really love this game and I want it to be perfect, “says Astiberon to The PC Player 24.” I started playing Dota 2 in 2016 – I have played about 11,000 hours since then. I play a lot of turbo, but I know almost all game functions and mechanisms – thanks to what can I easily find different mistakes in the game. “

And he was pretty decided to move something. In the last week alone, Astiberon has more than discovering 60 false buff / debuff descriptions for the 122 heroes of the game more than 30 missing skill descriptions, seven false article descriptions and several broken capability errors. That’s not even the consideration about 70 mistakes he found for six months, which were not yet resolved.

But although the 23-year-old has spent all this time to take the game apart, he is motivated by changes. “If I notice mistakes, I’m not annoying – I’m just sad that it gives you,” he says. “I publish information about it so that you can be corrected as soon as possible.”

His work has been well received by the community, but he has not received a response from Valve to the latest problem lists. But he hoped – hopes that the development team sees his reports and spends a little time to fix these problems before the Great Update of the game next week.