Last updated there is February 18, 2022

The news from Dead Island 2 managed to keep afloat since the announcement of the game in 2014. For a while, it was a bit of an annual tradition for the publisher Deep Silver to tease the fans they were still working on the future.

Fortunately, the fans, the CEO Lars Wingefors, revealed during a question-answer session that the game could finally be available for the players’ audience during their 2023 exercise, which will end on March 31 of this year.

Due to the silence of the team over the years, many players have begun to give up the game assuming it will never materialize. Announced in 2014, the Zombie action game was then delayed, changed developer twice and is literally fallen from the card. He was even cited by several reports last year the game will be thrown exclusively on Epic Games Store.

Wingefors may not have addressed the issue directly, but he gave the fans a small index to cling.

_ “I can not talk about Dead Island 2 because it is not announced as such by the publisher,” he said. “_We have an AAA title not announced that you think being Dead Island 2.” _

Unfortunately, he refused to give more details on this project. _ “It’s hard for me to comment more about it,” he added. “But, I’m excited by the unsinclosed titles.

Wingefors’ comments are clearly not an exact confirmation regarding Dead Island 2. However, the cryptic nature of its response sent fans in a frenzy. This could be a clue that long-awaited title development continues.

Dead Island 2 is definitely always one thing. After all, developers have not officially canceled it, not yet anyway.

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