Borussia Dortmund continues to sit at the front in the football roller coaster. The curious core victory against Borussia Mönchengladbach also makes hope for the Europa League.

From the wildest carousel of German football, Allen’s head for all at Borussia Dortmund. “None of us wants this roller coaster trip,” said Julian Brandt after the Kuriosen 6: 0 (2: 0) race victory against Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Only Blamabel, then Furios – What follows in the BVB result roulette now probably in the Europa League second leg at the Glasgow Rangers? “We try to spoon the shit on Thursday.”

But the Dortmund know their whims now. The outstanding Marco Reus, for example, went on Thursday on the 2: 4 against the Rangers lifeless with under, this time he scored completely soaked and slashed two goals themselves and prepared three more. The BVB remains a single puzzle and all observers.

“We had to show a reaction again – and we did that again,” Reus said. However, BVB also regularly brings itself to the stupid situation to show such a reaction.

BVB wants to accept the final against the rangers

The big names are here to play in the Europa League

“If you play in a noise, everything is always simple,” Reus reported, “We’ve heard our self-confidence.” In addition, the hope of the return of Erling Haaland rises, which made the complete unit on Monday.

In fact, the Dortmund finally fought successfully against all resistors. Bricking wind, a wall of rain, two early injuries and three huge chances of the opponent did not make the Borussia off the way.

Trainer Marco Rose praised this and invented for the club-internally enormously important assessed Thursday immediately the “reaction to the reaction”: now not to be released, but to accept the “final”, must be the goal.

Anders: “We should occur in every game exactly,” Reus demanded. Although it would be exactly something difficult. Without the gloss parades of Gregor Kobel in one-counter-one and the luck with a slatted hit of Jonas Hofmann could have collected the BVB loose four goals – as against Glasgow, flat.

It was already 3: 0 when the Gladbacher were still equivalent. Better would be, according to Reus, “if we always play our class”.

Hummels-Schelte shows effect – luck for Reyna

It seemed at BVB that defensive chief Mats Hummels has triggered a small earthquake in the cabin with ranging words (“nonsensical, illogical football”).

“Mats has a very explicit word finding,” Julian Brandt said carefully, and Rose contributed the realization that not always all good friend must be with each other.

A small Dortmund drama dissolved on Monday afternoon in general relief. Gio Reyna had left the place among tears – he was “pretty finished,” Rose said.

However, the US boy will not train only for 14 days, it is significantly less seriously injured than feared. Inside-back Dan-Axel Zagadou, on the other hand, it is the other way around: He falls out with a muscle fabric in the thigh “for a few weeks”.