KOG (Cog) said new PC online game ‘Return Allow’ starts a private test (CBT) today (23 days) today.

Grand chase All 4th bar skills
Tests are held for 10 days from today (23 days) and March 4, and steam can be played every day from 6 pm to midnight every day. Test participation can be on a steam store page.

‘Return Albound’ is a survival top down shooting game that first introduced in KOG, which developed ‘Grand Chase’ and ‘El Sord’. PVP and PVE are concurrently generated, and we must compete with other users to acquire items in a wide open-world, which is a wide open-world, which is a wide range of entry / escape in real time. In addition, you can fulfill the fact that you have created an attractive weapon with the acquired goods and items, or grow the mercenaries to demonstrate your ability in various modes.

The Return Alive Development Team said, “We plan to create highly completed content and systems based on the feedback of test users,” said the CBT participants ask for a generous feedback. “

Detailed information of ‘Return Allow’ can be found on the steam page.