Want to add a new addition to your island farm? What a score! As of February 19, 2022, ISLANDS Ducks update is available and brought new recipes, correcting errors and even a charming friend of the animal. To find out about everything that has changed in the game, check out the brief list below!

Notes to Patch

  • Duck details:
    • Ducks arrived on the islands!

* Buy eggs spawn ducks at the waist.
* Ducks give an increase to speed when driving riding
* Added duck eggs that can be sold the waist.
* Added 4 new food recipes using duck eggs.
* Details of the auction:

* Auctions pass every weekend and on Wednesdays
* Added 5 new statues
* Added polished, carved and tiled blocks for aquamarine, marble, stone and slate (created from polishing and kamnesis)
  • Other changes:
    • Removed Event of Yuzu and Lunar New Year.
    • Price of selling wheat reduced to (9 → 7)
    • Enhanced the price of selling radish to (64 → 70)
    • Reduced Speed ​​Effect for Chile Pepper (50% – 25%)
    • Reduced object lag
    • Adjusted lighting settings on the island.
    • Fixed animation animation animation.
    • Other error corrections
  • _ Soon the Pineapple Season! _


That’s all we know about the latest update of the “Islands”! We plan to publish a leadership in which it tells how to get duck eggs, so watch him if you are interested!

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