Neither EA Sports nor Konami have so far expressed itself about the social media channels to the war in Ukraine. Anders Strikerz Inc.: The UFL developer warned Via Twitter and Instagram: “We have to stop all possible companies to stop the war.”

“We should be together for the principles of a modern and free world,” said Strikerz Inc., “A war in Europe in the 21st century is a huge disaster that will critically affect European life for years.” However, the UFL makers do not show a clear edge, the statement is well kept.

Criticism at the statement

Strikerz Inc. calls for “Peace for Ukrainians, Russians and Belaruses and Peace for the World”. An invitation to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, to cancel the war on one-sided war – as she was to read in some Bundesliga stadiums on the weekend – avoids the video game company. This already caused criticism in social networks.

“A nice message, but war is bad in every part of the earth,” says User ‘Mo / Fifa Talks’ to the European-centered formulation. ‘Kosalii Olatkin’ writes: “There is peace in Belarus and Russia, but these two countries fall in Ukraine.”

Influence on the UFL release?

However, the vast majority of the comments deals with the geographical situation of the developer and its employees. The developer is represented with studios in Belarus, Ukraine, Cyprus and Lithuania. The headquarters in turn is in Minsk.

The fans hope that Strikerz Inc. could continue to work on UFL and all employees are safe. The release, which was still announced for 2022, could of course shift.

Onslaught - Killing Peace
User ‘Simone’ brings the prioritization to the point: “Your safety comes first, no matter when the game appears.” In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, UFL also has the Ukrainian Oleksandr Zinchenko of Manchester City as official ambassador, and a cooperation with the Ukrainian Top Association of Schachtar Donetsk exists.