If in Hitch and the three researchers decided to lie to Justin and tell him that there was nothing important at Striker’s Notebook, you will receive this mission for Elex 2. A decent amount of Elexit. This is what you should do during Find to Taker for Striker’s Notebook in elex 2.

Striker notebook – Hitch or Striker?

You have an option here: Should you give the notebook to Striker or Hitch? Each one has its own advantages:

Give the Striker notebook to Striker

If you go to Striker and samples the notebook, you will be paid 200 Elexit and then it will give you another option:

  • Return it and you stay with 200 elexit

Elex 2 - 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW Before You Buy!
* Ask for more (30 intelligence) – will give you 200 extra elexit and will take the book
* Stay it for you: you can take your elexit and then give the book to Hitch.

Give the Striker notebook to Hitch

If you give the notebook to Hitch, you will be rewarded with a decrease in chaos, as well as 250 Elexit.

If you choose not to help children in the fort, this is an easy opportunity to earn some elexit if you do not mind increasing your destruction.

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