The recently published action role-playing elden ring excites not only through his gameplay, but also the graphics is absolutely impressive. But how would the current mega hit look from from software if he had appeared on the time-honored ps1 ? This shows you a complexly produced video.

That’s how elden ring looks up with PS1 graphics

The work comes from Youtuber “Hoolopee”, which has already made a name for itself with the help of several demakes of this kind. In the past few weeks he had made it the task of packing the action role-playing elden ring in a coarse-clot polygon robe from the PS1 era and now he has released the right video.

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This presents itself in the form of a classic trailer, which should tune fans on the imaginary PS1 release of Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €). The Youtuber has given a lot of effort to capture important aspects of the action role-playing game in the video while maintaining the typical PS1 graphics style. Some scenes are likely to remember the fans immediately to the much prowere original. For some other cutouts, a second view may be necessary. Everything deposited with one for trailers dramatic music .

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More Demakes in PS1 style

Incidentally, such demakes in the graphic chart of the first PlayStation console are no longer a rarity and very popular with many gaming fans. Only recently had, for example, a PS1 demake of the action game God of was reported from 2018. But the Demakes of the Action Adventures The Last of Us and Death Stranding are definitely worth a closer look.

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