Abyssal Refrain Event - New Ships Review
Webzen (Representative Kim Tae Young) updates new content ‘Abyss Battle’ in New Mobile MMORPG ‘Muorin 3 (Mu Origin 3).

Webzen today (March 3), adds ‘Abys Battlefield’ in ‘Muorini 3’, and introduces unique content such as ‘Abyss Boss’ and ‘Abyss Siege’.

‘Muorini 3’ of ‘Abyss Battle’ is a world server content that is a large number of people. The more granularity of Abyss, which is more granular than the previous work, is a spaces that are strategic competition, which exists in a dedicated deductible and separate dispute area of ​​each server.

Avis battlefields are held from the game server that matches the 10th day of Open. Last February 23, the members of the open server can enjoy the Abyss content from tomorrow (March 4), and after the opened game server, the Abyss of the Associative is activated in accordance with the schedule of servers.

The ‘Abyss Boss’ appears in the Gnum of Each Server in Abys. If you treat the Boss for the server member, you can get various compensation and the compensation of the competitive guild can be imported instead of the compensation of the boss that appears in the other server. The ‘Abys Siege’, which is expected to be largely competitive, is also going on.

Meanwhile, Webzen operates a new “booty collection event” to commemorate the update of ‘Abyss Battlefield’ from today to March 30th. When you kill a field monster on this server and the Abyss server and acquire a booty, you will get “Mu”, “Origin” and ‘Treasure Map’, which are synthetic materials, with a certain probability.

Here you can acquire the “3” item to connect and receive a certain quantity of the “3” item to the game at 7 pm every day. Currently, the “Muorini 3” is in the 5th place for Google Play Store sales ranking. Webzen plans to accept new content and commemorative events, and the rise of the game.

New Mobile MMORPG ‘Muorijin 3’ ‘Abyss Battlefield’ updates, events, and game information, etc., can be found in the official community.