Viajes Pokémon is preparing the scene for Ash’s largest battle in the series to date with its new opening topic sequence. The most recent iteration in the series has been very different from any other season in the past, since it has opened Ash’s adventures to all regions of video games presented so far, and that change has also been reflected in the scope of its battles this time.. Bearing a way in the classification of the World Series of Coronation, Ash has been trying to get a rematch with the main rival of him, the royal champion sitting on top of the mountain, Leon.

Ash vs Volkner - Pokemon Master Journeys episode 77 (English Sub)
Leon has been one of the most unique rivals of Ash in the anime so far, since he is technically enough out of Ash’s reach usually. But as Ash opens up on the way through the highest levels of Ultra class and is quite close to reaching the top 8 of the master class, the series is preparing for its next battle, since the opening sequence more Recent anime gives fans a stylized appearance. How could the final battle between the two in the future of anime! Take a look next, as seen by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter:

Viajes pokémon officially crossed the mark of 100 episodes, and by the aspect of the most recent opening (which serves as the fourth and potentially final for the anime in general) it is clear that the series has great plans for the future of Ash and GOH. Ash will open the way through the highest ranges of the world series of coronation while faced with even stronger opponents, but it seems that the series could be giving us the final battle with Leon in which Ash has been working all this time. But then the question arises from whether he could win or not.

Episode 100 showed that Ash can have a rematch with Leon whenever he reaches the top 8 of the master class, and that means he does not need to defeat the other seven powerful trainers (which includes Flint, as seen in the last emission of the Anime) to have an opportunity. But that would be fun to see, especially if we can see Ash using all the advice and tricks of it of more than 20 years of adventures so far.

But what do you think? Do you expect to see Ash fight against Leon once more? Do you think he has a real chance to win this time? What will be left to Ash for doing if he wins? Let us know all the thoughts of him about it in the comments! You can even communicate with me directly about all animated things and other great things. @Valdezology on Twitter!