In this Guardián del core Ghorm Boss Fight Guide, I will tell you how to find and defeat Ghorm The Devourer, a boss who patrols the exterior of the Dirt Biome.

Where to find Ghorm the devourer

You can find Ghorm the Devourer patrolling the outside of the Dirt Biome, constantly moving in a circle clockwise around the entire start area. GHORM takes a little less than 4 minutes to complete a circuit around the map. It is easier to stop and wait for it (you will hear it come) and then start attacking as soon as it is within reach.

How to unlock GHORM the devourer

The Guardián del Nucleus The fight against the head of GHORM is unlocked by default in a new world: all you have to do is find it.

How to win the Guardián del core GHORM BOSS FIGHT – BEST STRATEGY

And now, to the meat of the nucleus of the core_ GHORM BOSS Fight Guide: How to beat GHORM. Strangely, it is not really so difficult to overcome. The real challenge is to make Ghorm stop.

CoreKeeper (How to beat Ghorm)

Preparation of equipment and supplies

It equip the best armor and weapons you can do. If you are using the distance strategy (which I highly recommend), you will want to manufacture at least two tirachinas. You will also want to cook at least 10 abundant pepper wrappers (heart berry + pump pepper); You will need speed to win this fight in distance and body-to-body strategies. If you go with the traps or explosive strategies, you will also need to create articles for them.

Oddly, it may seem, it may be easier to fight first against the third Chief Hive Mother. The mother of the hive releases the larva egg collar; Combine it with the larva ring (you can get like a drop of creatures in the bioma of The Clay Caves) and you will get a fixed bonus that prevents the limo to slow down.

preparing the sand

There is no real preparation for the sand you can do here apart from placing a lot of torches on the outside of the GHORM tunnel. Everything that is placed in the tunnel will be destroyed when running over it. Nor do you bother to clean the Baba on the floor: Ghorm simply leaves more Baba as it advances through the tunnel.

If you can not follow the rhythm of GHORM while running on the Baba, you have another option: expand the tunnel. You can run on the outside (or inside) and pursue it without the floor of the soil Frene.

How to stop GHORM

You can stop GHORM when you reduce your health at about 50% more or less. Then, Ghorm growls and begins to attack you loading, turning around and loading again. This means that the only way to stop GHORM is to cause a lot of damage very quickly or follow the rhythm while moving through the tunnel.

Strategy 1 – Remote

The use of a tirachin and elements that increase the speed (such as the abundant pepper wrap) can help you stay up-to-date with GHORM. Keep going chasing and dispatched it on the ass whenever you approach enough.

Eventually, you will reduce GHORM’s health enough so that it stops and start attacking you. Salt of the path of your load and will be dispatched when you pass. Repeat this process until Ghorm is dead.

Strategy 2 – Body to Body

If you are fast enough, you can attack Ghorm with a body-to-body weapon instead of a Honda. It is difficult to follow the rhythm of GHORM unless you expand the tunnel or have the GRUB EGG Necklace + Larva Ring element set combined with a speed pulse of Hearty Pepper Wrap.

Strategy 3 – Explosives

There are very few problems that can not be solved with a liberal explosive application and GHORM is not different. It manufactures some 30 pumps and runs in front of GHORM, leaving them falling in front of it as you advance. If you throw enough pumps quickly, you will do enough damage to kill him. Unfortunately, this strategy can be expensive: you will need to unearth a large amount of tin to make your bombs, and you will also have to grow a good amount of pump peppers.

Strategy 4 – Traps

You may notice that there are barbed traps you can manufacture. (You can also find barbed traps generated naturally in the Bioma The Clay Caves). You may have the temptation to simply place a lot of traps on the floor and let Ghorm damage by them.

This strategy LATA works, but has a great inconvenience: all the traps will be destroyed when Ghorm runs over. You can do much more damage with bombs for less resources in general, so I do not recommend trying this strategy.

How to invoke Ghorm again

You can re-invoke Ghorm by buying a GHORM invocation idol to the backpack merchant by 500 ancient coins and placing it in the GHORM invocation rune.

Unfortunately, you may not know where the invocation rune is. is. GHORM’s generation point is out of the tortuous track that runs the outside of the Dirt Biome. You will have to run through the tunnel until you find the tunnel that separates.

Guardián del nucleus Booty of the chief of Ghorm

Here is the booty you can get to defeat Ghorm the devourer in Guardián del nucleus. Note that this may not be a complete list: there could be another booty of this boss that we have not yet discovered!


  • Guaranteed fall.
  • It has 24 spaces for items (8 × 3).


  • Guaranteed fall.
  • It is used to activate the GHORM statue at the nucleus.
  • Unlock recipes for:
    • Helm of carapace
    • Carada of shell
    • Remember idol.

mysterious idol

  • Guaranteed fall.
  • It is used to engender the backpack merchant in a habitable room.

GHORM stomach bag

  • Guaranteed fall.
  • +12 Inventory slots when equipped.


  • Ring
  • +21 Maximum Health
  • Part of a set with GRUB necklace
    • Bonus of 2 sets: Immune to be slow down by Limo

Larva meat

Ancient precious stone

Gold metal


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