Elden Ring has many bosses that you have to break by enemies to find an imposing boss you can conquer. But in some areas, such as Z Siofra River The path is not quite as linear, and in fact you need to examine the areas thoroughly to unlock multiple boss encounters, such as Z ancestral spirit . In Siofra River, there are mysterious pillars that, when they are lit at their altars, ignite a torch at their final goal, so they all indicate them all to see what comes next. Continue reading for our guide All flame column locations of the Siofra River in the Eldenring!

Elden Ring Ancestor Spirit Boss: All Flame Column Locations in the River Siofra

From the shore of the Siofra River, but you have to light the flame columns marked on this card . In front of them see the steps that lead on Hallowhorn terrain , and if you light more flame columns, the torches on the sides light up. Be careful because they will encounter the resistance of the Ancestral Followers who are trying to preserve their holy beast from disorders. If you drive Torrent, be careful, because these enemies are happy to sniff with frustrating accuracy.

As soon as they have lit all the pillars, they fight against the ancestral spirit. You will discover the remnants of the beast on the Hallowhorn terrain, simply examine them and they are transported to a door through which they can go to fight them. This is a pretty hard boss, both large and agile, which sometimes makes it difficult to put projectiles on it. As soon as you win the fight, you get suffering trailer ash and can summon these where you see the bow symbol.

If you like this experience, it will be happy to hear that Nokron, the eternal city, is located directly above this area and you can find more flame columns to combat the royal ancestral spirit. There is always a bigger fish, even if this fish lives on land and has an antlers.

Elden Ring - All Flame Pillar Locations in Siofra River Guide (Ancestor Spirit Boss Location)

This ends our guide All flame column locations from Siofra River in the Elden Ring! Be sure to look at our other guides and our review!

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