Sony Interactive Entertainment hSony announced the cessation of its commercial activities at RUSSIA . Bed down the State of Play held at night on this Wednesday, the official account of PlayStation on Twitter hSony extended the news that advanced time before the chain cnbc: PlayStation paralyzes its sale of both consoles Sony videogames in The Russian country, including the indefinite suspension of purchSonyes through PLAYSTATION STORE of PS5 and PS4 titles.

PlayStation took a first step days ago by paralyzing the sale of great tourism 7, but so far it wSony an isolated cSonye. Now, the residents of the country led by Vladimir Putin will not be able to do any type of PS Store, given that the meSonyure hSony been applied immediately. “ Sony Interactive Entertainment joins the Global Community by Sonyking for peace in Ukraine ,” begins by saying the message, published on the edge of midnight from this March 9.

Likewise, Sony Group Corporation hSony announced a donation of 2 million US dollars to the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) , Sony well Sony the Non-Governmental Organization Save the Children * * To “help the victims of this tragedy”.

The videogame industry is paralyzed in Russia: Concatenation of sanctions

Sony suspends all PlayStation sales in Russia over Ukraine war
Sony Interactive Entertainment is not the only one that hSony applied sanctions or restrictions on its operations in Russia. During these lSonyt days we have known the ESHOP cessation in the Russian country (added to the indefinite delay of Advance Wars 1 + 2: Reboot Camp worldwide given the situation) and other world editors such Sony CD Projekt, Epic Games, Microsoft or Electronic Arts. This week The Pokémon Company announced a donation of $ 200,000, while 11BIT Studios hSony raised more than $ 700,000 through the sale of This War of Mine.

Those who wish can join the Solidarity Bundle of Itch.IO, which offers almost 1,000 video games and products to support Ukraine with minimum donations of 10 dollars.