Look forward to fans colorful and colorful Pokémon, because from 15 March 2022 the color festival is celebrated in Pokémon Go. And that comes with some interesting news. In particular, the introduction of four different styles of Choreogel will liked many collectors. A small Downer: these are, similar to the cuts at Coiffwaff, limited regionally.

One or the other Pokémon enthusiast will also focus on papinella and Pudox opportunities. All interesting details about the color festival and the associated collector challenge in Pokémon Go, we have summarized for you in the Color Festival Guide. More about the Events in March 2022 in Pokémon Go you will learn in our overview.

Color Festival in Pokémon Go

The event starts on 15 March 2022 at 10:00 and ends on 20 March 2022 at 20:00. The following bonuses expect you:

  • Activated lock modules last three hours.
  • Every day makes snapshots in the course of the event; With happiness, a dazzling Pokémon meet you.
  • The Dance Pokémon Choreogel appears for the first time as part of the event. Flamenco-style choreogel appears in Europe, the Middle East and AfKrika. Cheerleading-style choreogel appears in the Americas, Choreogel in Hula-style on the African, Asian, Pacific and Caribbean Islands. Buyo-style choreogel appears in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • You can complete a collector’s challenge. More information about this is where we have you as soon as we have.
  • In the wilderness, traumato, seaper, skorgla, snail MAG, Schwalbini, Knacklion, Chelast, Glibunkel, Dartiri, Choreogel (Flamenco style), Choreogel (cheerleading style), Choreogel (Hula-style), Choreogel (Buyo style), Papinella, Pudox and Mamolida.
  • About the completion of field research can be Bisasam, Schiggy, Glumanda, Alola Slema, Formeo, Formeo (Sun Shape), Formeo (Rainform), Formeo (Snow Form), Burry (Plantum Hang), Burry (Sandumhang), Burry Choreogel (flamenco style), choreogel (cheerleading style), choreogel (hula-style) and choreogel (buyo style) meet. Choreogel’s style depends on your whereabouts.

Collector challenge to the color festival

Still, the individual steps for the collector challenge are not yet known, but it is to be assumed that you should catch the Pokémon, which appear in the wilderness in the context of the color festival event. As soon as there is clarity, we update this guide. Certainly, however, what you can earn, namely progress at the top collector medal, 20,000 XP and 3,000 star dust as well as the encounter with a choreogel, whose is directed to the place where you concludes the challenge.

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