In Otepää today the mixed season is on the plan. mixed season offers the biathlon race in the live ticker.

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In Otepää today both the ladies and the men are asked, because the second mixed season of the season is on. The complete race is offered at mixed season in the live ticker.

Biathlon: Mixed Season in Otepää – The current top 5

Rank | Team | Time
1. | Norway | 36: 57.40
2. | France | \ + 20.50
3rd | Sweden | \ + 22.70
4. | Austria | \ + 1: 15.40
5. | Czech Republic | \ + 1: 41.80

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Biathlon: Mixed Season in Otepää now in the live ticker

Austria now on nine

Too bad for Austria, which was ranked four after half of the race. After the penalty is currently only the ninth place. At the front, Persson loses another nine seconds on Eckhoff.

Fifth shooting

Without problems, Eckhoff completes its lying stop. Persson also comes without errors and now relies on Chevalier. Between the first three is a distance of 25 seconds. For Schwaiger it does not work, she even has to go to the penalty once. Voigt makes it impeccable and brings Germany to rank five.

Eckhoff for Norway

For Norway, Tiril Eckhoff is now running, which had already very grown competitions this season. Linn Persson and Chloe Chevalier can make good care of a few seconds.

Second change

Now the women are in the row! Favorite Norway continues to lead sovereign. France and Sweden now run a residue around the 20 seconds. Behind it gives a big gap. Doll has ranked Germany from third place sixth and still overtaken Switzerland. Nevertheless, the residue is huge, the podium seems far away.

Christiansen attracts

A strong final round runs the Norwegian, which enlarges the residue on Fillon Maillet, it is now 18 seconds. At Leitner, the residue is already great for a minute.

Switzerland on five

The distances are becoming more and more clear. Good on the way is Switzerland, which runs rank five.

Fourth Shooting

Will Christiansen left again? An error, he allows himself, but remains first. Fillon Maillet can make a few seconds well through faultless shooting. Leitner needs a tocher and keeps the fourth position. With a sublore Benedikt doll comes through, but he can still not catch up much.

Ponsiluoma picks Leitner

Felix Leitner had a small lead on Ponsiluoma after shooting. He has lost this now and has to be collected. If Austria could hold fourth place, that would be a surprise. At the top, the distance between Norway and France is the same and is 15 seconds.

Third shooting

Covered, Christiansen shoots and meets all. Also Fillon Maillet comes through without miscarriage and goes second on the track. Doll makes it the same, but the residue has grown. Positionally, doll could catch up.

Tempo for Leitner too high

Leitner can not follow the Frenchman and the Sweden anymore – but that’s no surprise. Doll runs rank 13, he loses lightly.

Christiansen loses

The world class of biathlets is now on the way. Short ten seconds behind Norway runs Fillon Maillet, which has shortened the distance significantly. Leitner runs in the slippers of Martin Ponsiluoma.

First change

The third place from yesterday hands over with a significant lead to the winner of yesterday, Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen. After that, France, Sweden and Austria – Comatz has shown a great idea! Also Stalder may be satisfied, he hands a place behind Austria.

Bakken builds leadership

Bakken proves his good shape. 15 seconds is already his lead to the pursuers. David Comatz and Jesper Nelin can also be found with the pursuers. Stalder is sixth. Rees runs rank 14.

Second shooting

Now all night loaders need! Bakken is coming through despite two extra cabins quickly, Michal Sima also needs two toaders. Switzerland falls back after two replacement. Rees fights and can just avoid the penalty. That’s not a good start!

Switzerland on four

Sebastian Stalder makes his own thing so far and is currently ranked four. The distance from Rees to the leading trio is over half a minute.

First shoot

Who comes through without latching? Simon Desthieux succeeds this. Bakken needs a prosperous, Rees has two extraatrons must spend and also has problems reloading. He goes now as an 18th on the track.

Bakken leads field

Sivert Bakken introduces the field. The 23-year-old Norwegian was allowed to celebrate his first podium place yesterday and received advantage of Tarjei BÖ.

Starting Shot

It starts! 20 seasons make themselves on the route in fantastic conditions and under the cheers of the spectators.

Biathlon: Mixed Season in Otepää in Liveticker – before starting

Before starting: Sebastian Stalder, Benjamin Weger, Elisa Gasparin and Connector Lena Häcki go to the start for Switzerland. They strive for a place among the first ten. The hopes rest on walkers and hacks, they are most important.

Before starting: The season was very browse for Austria. With David Comatz, Felix Leitner, Julia Schwaiger and Dunja Zdouc, shortly before the end of the season is still a success experience – so a place under the first six – ago. The foundation for this is a good shoot.

Before starting: All four Germans – Roman Rees, Benedikt Doll, Vanessa Voigt and closing run Denise Herrmann – were able to refuel in the last few days due to very good results properly self-confidence. The expectations will be high, the victory today is quite in there.

Biathlon World Cup Mixed Relay Otepaeae, EST 2021-2022
Before starting: The seasons are always good for surprises – are there the next today? On the paper, however, the top favorites are clearly identify: Norway, France and Germany. Sweden also has chances of the podium, but it will depend much on how Jesper Nelin and Martin Ponsiluoma come through.

Before starting: Welcome to Otepää. In the Tehvandi Sports Center, the mixed seasons take place at the end of the World Cup weekend. At 12:30 pm, the starting signal for the competition falls over 4×7.5 kilometers.

Biathlon: Mixed Season in Otepää today on TV and Livestream

The mixed season is transmitted today in the ARD in the free TV and in the free livestream. Also Eurosport offers the competition – namely on Eurosport 2, the pay TV station of EUROSPORT.

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Biathlon: The season results this winter

Place Country Oberhof Otepää Points
Mixed Season Single-Mixed Season Mixed Season Single Mixed Season
1 Russia 5. space
Maxim Zwetkow
Alexander Powarnizyn
Irina Kasakewitsch
Walerija Wasnezowa 1. Space
Anton Babikov
Kristina Reszowa 100
2 Belarus 2. space
Mikita Labastau
Anton Smolski
Dsinara Alimbekawa
Hanna Sola 4. space
Dsmitryj Lasouski
Jelena Krutschinkina 97
3 Norway 1. Space
Tarjei Bø
Johannes Thingnes Bø
Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold
Marte Olsbu Røiseland 16. space
Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen
Ida Lien 85
4 Austria 11. space
David Comatz
Felix Leitner
Julia Schwaiger
Katharina Innerhofer 2. space
Simon Eder
Lisa Hauser 84
5 Sweden 4. space
Sebastian Samuelsson
Martin Ponsiluoma
Hanna Öberg
Elvira Öberg 5. space
Jesper Nelin
Johanna Skottheim 83
6 Ukraine 10. space
Artem Pryma
Dmytro PiDrutschnyj
Walentyna Semerenko
Julija Djyma 3. space
Artem Tyschchenko
Darija Blaschko 79
7 France 3. space
Antonin Guigonnat
Simon Desthieux
Anaïs Bescond
Julia Simon 11. space
Fabien Claude
Anaïs Chevalier Bouchet 78
8 Germany 6. space
Roman Rees
Benedict doll
Vanessa Voigt
Vanessa Hinz 7. space
Erik Lesser
Franziska Hildebrand 74
9 Italy 7. space
Thomas Bormolini
Dominik Windisch
Dorothea Wierer
Lisa Vittozzi 14. space
Tommaso Giacomel
Federica Sanfilippo 63
10 Czech Republic 9. space
Jakub Štvrtecký
Michal Krčmář
Markéta Davidová
Jessica Jislová 12. space
Adam václavík
Eva Puskarčíková 61