If you want to move forward in Elden Ring, you need a lot of runes. A fan has now found a creative way to get to the currency without having to endanger his virtual life. The trick is not completely harmless, but all the more entertaining.

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Elden Ring: Fan plays as a pacifist and wins

In Elden Ring, there is only one way to get to runes. You have to fight, win and then bring your prey back to a place of grace alive **. If you have enough of the deadly bosses, you can also show your skills against other people. The Reddit User XDC_LIS has now found a way here to triumph as a pacifist.

For this he has thought up a creative and also risky trick . In the starting area Limgrave, he attracts exactly as the soldiers patrolling in the forests. Then he just has to hide an opponent in the shadow of a bush, taking his place and open his world for invasion. The result speaks for itself:

Elden Ring: Fan drives invaders in madness

The secret weapon of the player is to just deal with the intruder until he leaves the world from louder despair . The opponents usually do not attack invasors, so it does not surprise him that the supposed soldier simply continues, even though he just overturned past him. The whole thing attracts over several minutes, until he finally gives up and his runes go to XDC_LIS.

However, the player’s trick is risky. If the intruder comes to the idea of ​​targeting one of the opponents, it would immediately show him the name of the player and explore the deception. In addition the whole theater takes several minutes . In our guide we reveal you, we will get her roods much faster in Elden Ring.