Unveiled at the EA PLAY LIVE 2021, the remake of Dead Space is in development but EA continues to communicate around its future title with this time, elements on an exit date. Thus, the game will be available at the beginning of the year 2023. As a reminder, Dead Space will be a total remake of the original game, developed by motive studio. This team is responsible for Star Wars Squadrons and should eventually work on other IPs for the studio.

an exit date for Dead Space

While in 2021 EA had only mentioned a long development, the studio stated at a stream on March 11, 2022, that the game was still a construction site. However, EA confirmed that Dead Space remake would come out Start 2023 .

Note that from what developers mentioned during the Stream, the game will be present on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

A total remake of Dead Space

13 years after the release of the first opus, EA decided to work on a complete remake of Dead Space. The game will not be a Upgrade version of the original game but a complete development of a new game based on the first story and gameplay of the first.

During this Developer Livestream, the development team was able to present the first gameplay images of the game as well as its progress. In addition, the developers explained the reasons for making a remake of the game rather than a simple upgrade.

According to the Motive Studio team, the goal was to resume an excellent game but to improve the atmosphere of the game using the new technologies made possible on the next generation consoles. So, we are on a remake that will not only be more beautiful but who also hopes to offer improved realism and gameplay.

In addition, an important point mentioned during the Developer Stream concerns the absence of gravity. Dead Space takes place (as its name indicates) in space, zero gravity phases were present in the second and third opus of the saga. However, the first opus was not particularly developed on this aspect. The remake will use new technologies to add more options and realism on this subject.

Dead Space | The Sound of Fear Reimagined | Audio Developer Livestream

As a reminder, EA has worked in particular on a remastered version of Mass Effect but also on C & C Red Alert or Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit over last year.

A step in the development of motive studio?

With this Dead Space project, Motive Studio sign there an important step in its development at EA. Thus, the studio should take more and more importance among the American giant and potentially, follow this remake with one or more new games.

This information has been mentioned several times in the different Livestream presentation of Dead Space. This could imply that the Dead Space franchise will experience a renewal with a remake suite Mass Effect or that motive studio will be at the head of a new IP after Dead Space.

Discover the release date of the remake of Dead Space, the first opus of the trilogy being rebounded at zero. In the meantime, you can find all the news on video games, the Esport scene and the best game guides on Dead Space.