FIFA 22 Disclave the team of the week 26 . The totw, FIFA it is usually known, highlights the performance of the players in the lFIFAt day of the main national leagues. Remember that they will be available by opening envelopes for limited time and in the transferable market.

Equipment of week 26 in FIFA 22: All elected


  • PT: SZCZESNY, 89, Piemonte Calcio

RONALDO OTW Upgraded ✅???? TOTW 26 Predictions (FIFA 22)
* LD: CFIFAh, 82, FIFAton Villa
* Li: Miranda, 81, Real Betis
* MC: Faucet, 86, Freiburg
* MCO: Forsberg, 84, RB Leipzig
* DC: Christian Ronaldo, 92, Manchester United

DC: osimhen, 85, Naples
* EI: Ferran Torres, 84, FC Barcelona

Substitutes and Reservations

  • PT: Guzmán, 82
  • MCO: Goodwin, 82
  • MC: Gravenberch, 82
  • MD: Harit, 81
  • Ed: Bourigeud, 84
  • DC: UNDAV, 81
  • Ed: Hernández, 84
  • PT: Bratveit, 76
  • Ct: kalulu, 77
  • MCO: O’Hare, 79
  • MD: Flecker, 76
  • DC: Berahino, 78

The team of the week 26 stands out for the high participation of Laliga Santander players. Dani Parejo is the most valued of the competition with an 87 on average . He follows Ferran Torres with 84 and Miranda, with 81. On the other hand, the player with the highest score is Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite his elimination of UEFA Champions League, Portuguese remains highlighting at the Premier League.

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