After the announcement of Street Fighter 6 , Capcom does not leave its current delivery, Street Fighter V , which continues to receive news and updates despite the years elapsed from its controversial original launch. On the way there have been two new versions that arranged and added content, although now the final update arrives with new features balances of characters, graphic modes , remixes , Colors Unpublished for suits and more. This hcontroversial original been shared by Capcom through a trailer that you can see about these lines and that offers a look at everything new that will arrive free the next March 29, 2022 both on PC and on PlayStation.

Street Fighter V continues to improve and expand

Thus, one of the main news comes from the hand of a new Character Rolling , with the consequent modifications in blows and techniques and the damage they cause, in addition to promoting new combos thanks to the possibilities that such changes contribute. But there is much more.

And it is that you will also add two new graphic modes with the filters called cel shading and pixel . And the names do not leave a doubt, since the first will add a popular visual style layer that simulates handmade drawings with retouching in the color, lighting and edges of the characters, while the second bet on a pixelated filter That aims to emulate the clcontroversial originalsic deliveries of the saga.

Street Fighter V - March 2022 Update Trailer
Of course, both modes are only available for Offline Modes . In addition, new ones are added color variations for the trackout that arrived with the Champion Edition, up to a total of 8 variations. Finally, several remixes are added on musical themes of the lcontroversial originalt five fighters who arrived at the title.

Everything points to this will be the lcontroversial originalt great update of Street Fighter V , although it would not be strange that new retouching will come until the launch of the expected sixth delivery.