Yurgggin Thunder can come to you about the middle of the first passage of the triangle strategy – if you are beliefs about utility and freedom sufficiently high to meet it. She is permeated with a sense of guilt and not sure that you can fix the mistakes of your past, but it is here to fight for you.

Triangle Strategy COMPLETE Unit Guide - All Recruitments, Skills and Weapon Trees Explained!

This is how to use thunder , known as Iron fist Former General Esfrosty.

Battle Strategy for Thunder Yurgina

Groma – veteran Master of Martial Arts . Use it to apply a serious physical damage both near and at a distance. It will be a vital assistant in the destruction of HP stronger opponents with the support of the allies, regardless of whether they strengthen its characteristics of attack and protection, support its health or join the fight – as Medina or Piccolatti could Make a beautiful.

Equip the thunder with accessories that will increase its evasion, attack or protection even higher than they actually. Go with amuleu dodge and power If you want her attack power to come close to some of your strongest attackers.

Improvement class and improvement

When the thunder will study the CROSS Counter’s ability, you can pay to increase its damage, as soon as you unlock its second weapon rank, FISTS OF Flight. Cross Counter is activated whenever thunder evades the enemy attack. So do not forget to improve its evasion characteristics using weapon ranks.

As soon as you unlock her third rank of weapons, mercy fists, you can use thunder’s destructive abilities. Heavenly fist ability on the nearest opponents on much higher positions, such as roofs or rocks.

Jurggn thunder is a strong and valuable striker who can be strengthened in your team, and he will sob around the surrounded enemy. Its distant attack, Energy Wave , is often useful in the mass of units. With a sufficiently high bustling of thunder, it can become a serious attacking machine.

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