Dark Souls is notorious for his hard degree of difficulty in Gamern. But a fan now proves that he does not need more than a few jugs of Jauche to crack the game. No crap.

A Speedrunner has unleashed a shitstorm of the very special kind in Dark Souls and conquers the actually tough fantasy game only with stinking Jauchküchlein. In his YouTube video, he shows how even the mighty aschefist Gwyn can be defeated by busy crap.

Dark Souls: Shit Happens

In a remarkable, though through and through unhygienic game run, Youtuber Lilaggy shows that Dark Souls with some tricks in luggage can be conquered only with the poetically designated Jauchküchlein. The piles provide for opponents for a slow-acting poison effect, which can eventually lead to the desired success with repeated throwing with much patience.

Look at the crazy Dark Souls run in the video:

In his video, Lilaggy takes up with the toughest opponents of the fromSoftware classic by combining it with crap until they finally give them small – an overall pretty understandable reaction. For his youch-soaked attempt , the Youtuber needs a total of 7 hours and 36 minutes until he can finally stand with pretty dirty hands over the defeated aschefist Gwyn.

Can you beat Dark Souls with ONLY Dung Pies?

FROM Software: Youtuber comes with crap to success

In his run, Lilaggy takes some freedoms, although some freedoms by choosing opponents or exploits in the game **, but in total can be said that he can spot the fantasy classic solely with Jauchküchlein.

The commentators on Youtube are quite impressed by the attempt at any rate and celebrate the crazy game run with 15,000 likes . In Elden Ring, the latest fromSoftware game, Lilaggy will not be able to repeat the Kot-feat piece: Unfortunately, the fantasy-rpg dispenses for unknown reasons on the stinking throwing floors.

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