The Rise of Jude Bellingham
It was a scene that already awakening: in the 75th minute of the catch-up between Mainz and Dortmund crashed the players Niklas Tauer and Jude Bellingham with their heads in a duel around the ball, and then remained dazed. Both were treated, whereby Bellingham could first get up again, but still visibly shaky on his legs. The Dortmund was then guided towards the cabin tract and further examined there – before suddenly reappeared at the sideline to the surprise of his coach. In contrast to Tauer, who had to be replaced.

Even at the BVB you had set to a swap, Reinier was already ready to get to the field for Bellingham. But the return of the young Englishman caused a planning change. “He was with the doctor in the cabin and suddenly stood next to me,” BVB coach Marco Rose explained the situation. Of course, one is “responsible”, he has therefore asked if everything had been checked – which became affirmative. “You can not look in the player, so we said we’ll watch him two, three minutes.” Since Bellingham could continue to play without recognizable problems, he remained on the field until the final whistle.

Head injuries in football have been a much discussed topic for many years – often with the tenor that dealing with them despite the high hundred hazard, especially at a second blow against the head, to LAX. In November 2021 UEFA therefore released a new protocol for dealing with head injuries.