Geoculi is hidden everywhere in Liue, from the busiest parts of the harbor until the highest point of the peak of Cingun. To fulfill a local task called “Nine Pillars of the World”, you need to collect all geoculov in the region and offer their local seven statue.

Genshin Impact - Geoculus Locations Guide Part 2 - Sea of Clouds Mt Tianheng has 6
Read on and find out how to find two very hidden geoculus in the vicinity of Mount Tianheng.

First geoculus

Start from the direction to the travel point of the teleport on the top of the mountain in front of Mount Tianheng. Then jump down the stairs leading up and down the grief. After halfway, you will find the entrance to a small cave. Refer to the image above to find out the exact location of the cave. Entering, you will find geoculus soaring over the usual chest.

Second Geocul

Jump to the foot of the mountain in front of Mount Tianhhen, where you will find two giant statues. Refer to the image above to find out its exact location. Go to the statue on the left next to the Writer by Uuaman and look in front of it. Behind the bushes hid the hole leading to the basement. Inside you will find geoculus and four pyrophelates. As a bonus, you can light four flakes to get a refined chest.

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