From a plurality of collectibles that players can find in the world of Horizon Forbidden West, black boxes offer additional information. These are the last records of the soldiers who fought back the Faro to give Zero Dawn enough time to make Gaia fully workable. Players can find a collector of these black boxes named Unthal in a memorial grove in the lands of Tenakt.

Black Neutral Zone Box

This first black box can be found in drawing ground next to the top of the nearest rock. It will be in the upper half of the aircraft behind the door with the electric drive. Eloe needs to open the door to find a black box and a green-level box.

Black Box Whitewatch Peaks

Horizon Forbidden West - All Black Box Locations
Southwest of Plainsong players can find this black box on top of a small cliff. It will be in a close corner filled with garbage. Players will need to use tractors to gain access to this black box.

served deep black box

Players cannot access it until they receive a rebarzer from the main Quest of Poseidon. It is under water in the distant southern end of neutral lands covered with utar. Open the door to get to the black box.

Black Cape Box

To the northeast of the plain song, players can find this black box locked with a metal flower lean. To open this area, players will need to get vineyards from the main quest “Seeds of the Past”. Players will need to find a power in the grass to actuate the top of the salon of the crushed aircraft.

black box with a bleeding label

Far to the north of Scalding Spear players can find Bleeding Mark. East of the nearest hunting platform, players can see the upper half of the aircraft built into the rock. Use tractors to jump there, pitch the door, and the black box will be directly inside.

Black Box Stillsands

To the northwest of The Stillsands, players can find this black box in the cockpit blocked by the Liana of the metal flower. To get a cutter for grape vines, players need to perform the main quest “Seeds of the Past”.

Black Memorial Grove Box

The Memorial Grove is presented in the middle of the main plot, and players over time receive access to a large number of trading and interesting characters, exploring and communicating. At the bottom of the tail of the aircraft, players can use tractors to draw ourselves inside. It will be immediately behind the door, to which Elo will be able to high.

Black Box with Salt

In a small Salt Bite camp, players can find this black box hidden in one of the buildings. It will be a plane cabin turned into a shelter. Elo will need to open the vent hole in the far back of the cabin. After that, players will find a black box among several other legendary level items.

Black Box Raintrace

This black box is located in Reintrace between two rebel camps. The players will need a cutter for the vine from the main quest “Seeds of the Past” to get to the cockpit of this aircraft. Cut metal floral vines to find an energy cell. Then return the energy cell on the other side of the aircraft and turn on the door to get to this black box.

Black Tears Box White Bones

Far to the west of bastion players can find this black box in the mountains. There will be a small camping. Between the refuge and cache, players can find the energy character that they need to actuate the door of the plane cabin immediately behind the camp. The inclusion of the door will allow players to get to the black box.

Stand Black Crashing

This black box can be found on the rocky part of the coast, north of the throat. He will be at the far end of the aircraft. Players just need to pull the drawer from the tail of the aircraft to get to the black box.

Black Box Spread Island

In the northern part of the island of Landfall, players can find this black box. This is very simple compared to all other black boxes, there are no strange obstacles here to overcome. The plane breaks in the river, and the black box will stand outside the aircraft on a suede cluster of stones.

After all black boxes are collected, players can return their collector in a memorial grove to exchange them. Ontal will exchange different unusual players, rare, very rare and legendary machine parts for each of the black boxes. This includes an ice claw circulator, a stalker circuit, an ice claw bag, a large machine core, a metal wing of horror wing, a slippery fang, tail fins, a glowing brain trunk, scanning a thoroughbird’s ear, thunder jaw tail And Fang Thremblik.

Having received all these prizes, players finally get legendary blastsling games, Wings of the Ten. This blastsling begins with three types of ammunition, two different types of explosives and the third – glue. Without any improvement, it has a privilege of a 5% chance of a critical strike and 15% of the damage of a critical strike, as well as three open coil slots. You can unlock up to five slots for coils, as well as three more privileges. This is 15% damage from overpowering, 15% damage from a close distance and 2% chance of an instant plasma explosion.

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