In Call of Duty Warzone the Season 2 Reloaded is started. Shortly before the activation, Raven Software published a comprehensive update that also played many bug fixes and optimizations in addition to new content. Meanwhile, the patch of notes are available – and the traps quite extensive. For example, the list of changes comprises the innovations at Rebirth Island: With Season 2 Reloaded, the small Battle-Royale map receives its largest facelift.

Patch Notes: Lots of innovations with Season 2 Reloaded

After the mid-season update, you will find a kind of fortress at the Security Area, which includes a radar building next to an administration building. Added to this is a port area where a ship is present, which according to the developer houses a lot of Loot. An update has also received the prisonard. As out of the patch notes, the makers have also crafted at the Skybox of Rebirth Island. The setting of a sunny in the afternoon is maintained, but gets one or the other twist. In addition to new shadows, you make up new clouds, suggesting an upcoming storm.

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What is in the patch also?

At the same time, the developers share that special events for the launch of the map update pending, together with Payload, Blood Money and Resurgence Solos, which are playable in the weekly playlists next to the classic Rebirth modes. In addition, there are mobile buying stations, an increase of the health value of 100 to 150 in Battle Royale and individual gameplay adjustments. With the start of the Season 2 Reloaded, for example, there is the possibility to store gas masks and to leave them to a team member. With the Armaguerra 43 also comes a new weapon into the game. The full patch Notes with all details can be found on the website of Raven Software under this link.

From David Martin
24.03.2022 at 12:22