In Ghostwire: Tokyo, players will face various side mission, heading for the shroud of breadth, and their rapid execution will definitely help increase your skills. The mission of Dzashiki-Varaci will be one of the first side missions available to perform players.

Where to find dzashiki-varacy?

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To start this side mission, south of the church of Namit To get to this place. There are several enemies in this area, and their red ether crystals surround them. Shoot them to quickly defeat enemies. You will find the spirit of the old woman Near the entrance to the house. Interact with her to start Side Mission Dzashiki-Varaci .

Collect rice cakes to lure dzashiki-varashi and enter the house. Use your spectral vision To find key subjects around the house to explore the area. Players will find the safe in the room right in front of the entrance, and the key is hidden inside Temple of the Buddha is in the room to the left of the entrance. Discover the safe to find the floor plan hidden at home. As soon as it is done, head to the houseowner room.

Where to find a niche after finding a floor plan at home

Turn the right from the main entrance to find the room where the owner hides. Players have to do manual printing expelled landlord. As soon as it is done, place rice cakes in a blue bowl to lure Dzasiki-Varashi Ykai.

Interact with Dzasiki-Varaci and go back to the spirit of the old woman to complete this side mission. For the implementation of the adverse mission of Dzashiki-Varaci in Ghostwire: Tokyo Players will get 3000 Make , 1x Magamata and approximately 500 spirits .

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