Football third division 1. FC Saarbrücken has announced legal action after the retreat of TurkGücü Munich and the associated point deduction.

“We will use all legal opportunities to prevent this unannounced legalsman and unfair action of the dot dump,” said Saarlanders to “SID” request.

Saarbrücken loses six points after canceling the Turkish cu games and thus more than any other ascent candidate. As a result, the FCS from RelegationSplatz slips three to four, also the counterparties behind it as 1860 Munich, Waldhof Mannheim or the VfL Osnabrück back closer.

The Bundesliga founding member also refers to the fact that announced legaling consequences can not be undone as well as the barriers that were created by the TurkGücü-Duels.

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“The so-called insolvency rules, which are now used, are intolerable and have to be amended both in announced legaling and economic terms,” ​​Saarbrücken continued to be in his opinion: “It can not be that clubs are being punishable that other clubs under the supervision of the DFB mismanagement. “

The German Football Confederation had called on paragraph 55a of the DFB gaming order, after which with a retreat from the game, all encounters of a team to be taken out of the rating.

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“The mere reference to the DFB on formaljuristic regulations is not sufficient to clarify responsibilities on the part of the association and cover the need for education arising from bankruptcy,” said the FCS.