Polyphony Digital, the study led by Kazunori Yamauchi and responsible for Gran Turismo 7, has published a statement on the Official Blog of PlayStation asking for apologies for the frustration caused on users after the past week patch made that the game online Let it work for more than 24 hours, leaving most of the title modes out of service.

The patch 1.08, which returned to run the servers, brought with it a reduction of the credits earned at certain events, which had become the favorites of the players to park credits.

Gran Turismo Sophy RACE TOGETHER 2021 #1 [English]

“We know that this is not the experience great tourism that awaits, and we will make a good faith gesture in the form of a one million credits pack that will be available for all the players affected by the problem. You will see how they are added to your accounts soon soon. Ensure you log in to the game before April 25 to claim them. “

Polyphony Digital has also explained that at the beginning of April, a patch will be introduced that will rebalance the game economy. More events will be added, the rewards of the end circuits of the game will be improved, new rewards will be added in the offline and online races and the number of used and legendary cars will be increased.