They have not left great news from that GDC that is finally celebrated again in San Francisco – we will end up learning, it seems that soon, what was talked about in some meetings – so today this week is marked by the CD Projekt announcement, Preparation “A New Saga” of The Witcher with Unreal Engine 5. Ah, and PlayStation has purchased Haven , the Jade Raymond study.

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We can also talk, finally, of Steam Deck . For that we have called Javi Román, who has already a few weeks with the Valve machine in his hands… although he is not the only one who has it.

And we ended up – lack of Kirby; We are playing it right now and we will comment on it in the next program – with GHOTSWire: Tokyo . The good initial impressions with the open world of Tango are maintained in relation to tone and setting, but the action remains shorter than we expected.

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