from Tel Aviv / Israel reports Carsten Schröter-Lorenz

Voltage and tension increase at the German U-21 selection, which has been Tel Aviv since Saturday evening in the Israeli metropolis. On this Tuesday, the early evening at the Hamoshava Stadium in the nearby Petah Tikva, the top game in the EM qualifying group B, in which Israel lurks two points behind the DFB juniors.

Antonio di Salvo has clear ideas on how his team should occur in this sporty hardet test. “We have to be highly concentrated,” says the German coach in conversation with the Salvo and draws the Israeli performance on Thursday against the high-table climes Poland as a warning: “That was a very intense game, it was back and forth, but Israel had under the line More chances. ” In the end, both competitors 2: 2 – ideal for the German selection, which, however, collected a 0: 4 rubdown against Poland in November in Großaspach.

The first leg against Israel at the beginning of October earlier she won at the Salvo’s debut in the final seconds 3: 2. “We’ve had a very dominant and have collected two goals against an efficient opponent from only four chances,” looks back at Salvo and also gives way to the idea of ​​4-0 against Latvia on Friday a slightly modified style of play: “We If you want to push our stamp again, but you have to play patient. Against Latvia we played in part too fast in front, even if hardly there was there. “

Wish for more game control

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The 42-year-old wishes more game control in some phases, especially when the opponent defends compact and below: “Rooms can only be made in such phases if you run the opponent and the ball in your own ranks.” Di Salvo wants to avoid that his professionals run the counterpart despite their positive offensive urge to the counterpart. By and large, he will once again trust the starting eleven on Friday, a few changes are still possible.

So especially the after a short coronapause Armel Bella Kotchap is a hot candidate for the attack formation. The Bochum could replace Fürth’s center defense Maximilian Bauer, the only uncertainty factor in the duel with the Letten. In the offensive striker Erik Shuranov is one of the first candidates and also a system change with a separated position change is conceivable.

Which system selects the coach?

On Friday, the DFB juniors started in a 4-3-3, in which the Captain Jonathan Burkardt, trained as an attacker, dominated the game from the left octagonal position. Alternatives are a 4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1, Tom Krauß could each form a double six with Angelo Stiller.

Despite the great low-wave of last week, DI Salvo can also refill from the bank. The fast Faride Alidou brought in his debut against Latvia Fresh wind on the left wing, Malik Tillman – destroyed by the US Association, according to his interiors for the third time in the third U-21 application. More important than formation and staff will be the way in the end, with which the Salvo’s team appears in the hardet test, especially in the two-fighting. You should point out of your start that you can go with a victory a huge step towards EM ticket.