Activision Blizzard sees great for the first adaptation of the Diablo series on mobile. With the opening of Immortal Diablo pre-registration on App Store, in the wake of Google Play, the publisher hopes to achieve the target of the 30 million players recorded before the game deployment on the blinds.

Apple App Store accidentally leaks Diablo Immortal app Splash page

And what better way to motivate the troops that promising a cosmetic set once the goal is reached, a horadrims set that it will be possible to arrange to coniton to buckle the tutorial of the game within 30 days of the exit. No date for this adaptation yet, even if the Apple shop would show that of June 30; Activision Blizzard specifies that this is a temporary date, these famous _placeholders, the time that plans are finalized. The official launch date will be announced later.

History to have the most dedicated wait, Blizzard Entertainment offers an overview of the ornamental elements that will be used to customize your avatar, without modifying neither your equipment nor your characteristics. Said objects are obtained by advancing in each class, without being linked to it for all: they can be equipped independently of the chosen class, to enjoy the change of appearance and special animations.

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To the extent that it is one of the main retention mechanics, around the famous combat pass, the developers plan to add a new skin to all classes every month, in line with the theme of the Pass. The purchase of a combat pass will unblock this set for all classes, while the “reinforced” version will add portal templates and additional portrait frames to justify the price increase. There will be obviously free cosmetics for those who are ready to grinder. Always cosmetically, increase the level of legendary gems will affect the visual effects of armor.

Developers have also planned to be flexible on the change of classes, which will be possible without the need to recreate a character. This feature, which will be integrated shortly after the output, will maintain its progression in the paragon levels, but also to receive a set of equipment in line with the new class of its choice, not to mention the transfer of objects and Gems. Players will neither lose the contents of their trunk nor that of their progression. On the other hand, it will be necessary to start from zero to unlock the legendary objects related to your new class.


Diablo Immortal – Pre-registration cosmetic elements