Last October, during the Minecraft Live 2021, Minecraft players were able to vote for one of the next MOBs that will appear on the Mojang Sandbox. After the victory of the Allay over the Glare and the copper Golem, this will be the next character in appearing in the title when I land version 1.19 of the title.

Ruining Minecraft Live's Allay Mob [Minecraft 1.19]

Allay just appeared at snapshot 22w13a and will soon arrive at Minecraft. As you will see, it is a tremendously interesting MOB and that it fulfills a very useful function for many players. Let’s go over.

What is the Allay and what does he do?

The Allay are a kind of quite friendly blue angels . They are not aggressive and appear in the advanced positions and the mansions of the giant tree biome. They are quite tiny and flying through the surroundings, being able to appear individually or in groups of three.

Its usefulness is quite revolutionary in Minecraft, as they make a function of “remote vacuum” . It is enough to give them an object any to collect all the objects of that kind that are around close thrown away. Of course, they can not be transported and will only follow a player if it is given an object to pick up.

It will return the objects to the ground if it is ranking a block of notes that has been used in the last 30 seconds. You can pick up a stack from an object specifically, but it is unable to remove objects from the chests or duplicate them.