The most legendary drivers, the best routes, the most moving moments, the most realistic gameplay. Everything in a single game: The MotoGP 22 “Nine Season 2009” is an original gameplay experience in Doku style, which leaders through a whirlwind of memories.

Players run in the boots of Rossi, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Stoner and many others and become the protagonists of some iconic moments in one of the best seasons in the history of the MotoGP.

Nine Season 2009 is a mix of gameplay and a documentation of Mark Neale, known for his work on the documentary Faster, Faster & Faster (with Ewan McGregor in the main role), Fastest and Hitting The Apex, which he with the Oscar Prize winner Brad Pitt has produced.

Mark Neale: “Nine has adopted a similar form as the MotoGP season 2009 itself. In the beginning, nobody was sure how it would run, but then it became something amazing. This implementation was a great experience. I think the play will be too. “

The inserts are high and the players will face all 17 Grand Prix of the season. These are divided into chapters and stuck full of breathtaking challenges that apply. All contents of Nine Season 2009 are also available in the Grand Prix modes and championship. These modes make it possible to start whole races and seasons as the iconic drivers of the 2009 season.

More details about the content of the Nine Season 2009:

  • All drivers, the motorcycles and the routes of the season 2009.
  • More than 1 hour real footage, full of stories, anecdotes and interviews with the protagonists of the races.
  • 39 challenges that play the most important moments of the season exactly. Every challenge is characterized by specific goals that can be achieved, such as: B. the defense of the position against attacks of a rival, reaching a certain position before the end of the race or a head-to-head duel with a very aggressive driver.
  • With each challenge additional content can be activated, e.g. Helmets and special paintings used by the protagonists at home races.
    Events, challenges, stories and emotions that were unreactable are now ready to be lived again!

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PLAYING THE MOTOGP 22 GAME EARLY! (MotoGP 22 Gameplay - Nine Season 2009 Rossi)
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