The estimates that the current value of Lion Heart Studio reached approximately 2,800 won to W3.3 trillion.

Lion Heart Studio is a company that Kim Jae-young is a company founded in May 2018. At the time of the establishment, the mobile game was the first independence of the Korean game target winner. The Lion Heart Studio was successful after being successful as ‘Odin’ and was incorporated into Cacao Games. ‘Odin’ has achieved 500 billion won of cumulative sales for 180 days.

The 30-day published Wemide audit report describes the Lion-Heart Studio estimated evaluation. The Samjung Accounting Corporation estimated the value of Lion Heart Studio equity value of Wildade to W204.5bn. WMADID’s Lion Heart Studio stake is 7.2%. Inversion, the Lion Heart Studio Market estimates are about 2,800 won.

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Earlier, the Samil Accounting Co., Ltd., the Lion-Heart Studio equity with Cacao Games, has evaluated the 51% fair value of 51% fair value. According to the Samil Accounting Act, the Lion Heart Studio market estimate is about 3 trillion won.

Samjung Accounting Corporation and Samil Accounting Corporation use different criteria and calculations to differentiate the Lion Heart Studio estimates.

WMADID has invested W5bn in Lion Heart Studios in 2018 and secured 8.3% stake. Since then, WMADI has only sold a part of the Lion Heart Studio stake in Cacao and only 7.2%. As a result, the wemade is expected to return investment in at least W200bn.

Whether the Lion Heart Studio IPO was not determined. However, Cacao Games Residue CFO said, “Of course, the will of the Lion Heart Studios employees is of course, “We will decide deeply the best way in terms of cacao community”.