*NEW* LUMINOUS NIGHT Season Two | Minecraft Dungeons
For players of Minecraft Dungeons it will be in April Zappenduster. The new seasonal adventure Luminous Night will be released on April 20, 2022 and will start with a wealth of glowing features.

As the developers have revealed today, they explore the tower of the night in the dark and introduces you on new, fresh floors of mysterious murals and confusing puzzles.

Keeps on a fiery new enemy, which may cause the most experienced adventurers to burn the fingers among you.

Even in the new season, you may reward rewards. These let you look very stylish this time at night. These include skins, hangings, gestures and flairs that enlighten your your environment in bright colors.

With ministrosity and abomination, you even get two pets to the side, the fire and flame for you.

Furthermore, the new update also introduces the long-awaited storage rest, which brings more order in your inventory.

Here are two first pictures from Luminous Night: