Fifteen days have passed since the launch of the new Fortnite season, and it is time to know the final amount that Battle Royale will allocate to humanitarian associations in Ukraine. As you will remember, Epic Games had announced that all the income generated by the game during this period of time would be donated directly to several humanitarian associations that were acting in the region during the Russian invasion.

The Developer of Fortnite has announced just a few hours ago that amount, which is finally of 144 million dollars .

an extraordinary release

From the revelation of his donation project in favor of those affected in Ukrainian lands, Epic Games already knew that the amount would represent several tens of millions of dollars. Even though Fortnite is no longer a revolutionary title today, the launch of each season represents a highlight for the game, and is a time when the collection is triggered.

On the other hand, what the publisher had certainly not anticipated was the megaton that would cause the “zero construction” mode. Initially designed as a temporary game mode that would go to the trunk of memories after the first nine days of the season, the variant without construction achieved great expectation and comments from innumerable players about the title.

By failing the Renaissance of Fortnite in some way, the game without a construction has gained the right to become a permanent game mode. And will undoubtedly have contributed a lot to the enormous amount of this donation. 144 million dollars in income in 15 days is an extraordinary amount, even for a Titan like Fortnite.

A record donation in the world of videogames

Ukraine war: Fortnite maker Epic Games raises $144m (£110m) to help victims

144 million dollars donated to humanitarian aid in Ukraine, is an amount that we imagine coming from a G20 Member State rather than a video game publisher. But Epic Games is a tremendously powerful study, which also has its own digital store. The main actors in the world of videogames have mostly made donations in several ways in favor of Ukraine or humanitarian associations in place, but not these dimensions.