Also this week, we look back on the most exciting rumors of the industry and give you our opinion, whether there could be something behind it, or it’s just about hot air. The video We have involved in this message with all topics. However, we give you a little taste in advance.

Successor for Elden Ring already in planning?

From Software and Bandai Namco could possibly already collect ideas for a Sequel to Elden Ring . Any author Brandon Sanderson plays a role known for his mistborn series. In a Livestream, Sanderson has revealed that the developers have apparently interested in cooperation. And he also thought about a potential project. From Software picked up Elden Ring support from George R. R. Martin .

supposedly new details about GTA 6

Meanwhile, the development of GTA 6 is official, but information about the project has not yet opened Rockstar Games. A Leak is supposed to change that. Countless info was shared in the Reddit Forum for the game. Thus, GTA 6 is to be inspired by countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Jamaica. In addition, the team seems to be back on three characters – including a female protagonist for the first time.

Soon new announcements from PlayStation and Xbox?

After Sony has shared details about PlayStation VR2 in the past few months, the first showcase will soon be due shortly, in which we will probably get different VR games and possibly also a release including price. In addition, Microsoft also seems to change the Xbox Live Gold after the conversion from PlayStation Plus \ -.

Accordingly, the offer should only be available via the Xbox Game Pass . At the same time, Microsoft probably wants to launch a family plan for the Xbox Game Pass, where several members pay a joint price. Which rumors there is otherwise, you will learn in our video!


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